NEC Allies With U.S. Firm On Virtual Machine Software

Nikkei Business Daily
June 4, 2002
This coverage originally appeared on the Nikkei Business Daily:

TOKYO, June 4 (Nikkei) -- NEC Corp. has teamed up with VMware Inc. of the U.S. on the development of virtual machine software, which is used to run programs under multiple operating systems on a single server. With corporate mergers on the rise today, there is growing demand for software to simplify the integration of systems running on different platforms. Virtual machine software meets this need by enabling multiplatform systems to operate smoothly on a single server. NEC, its subsidiary NEC System Technologies Ltd. and VMware plan to jointly develop and bring to market software solutions, based on VMware's Esx Server virtual machine software, for systems equipped with Intel Corp. 64-bit microprocessors.(The Nikkei Business Daily Tuesday edition)