Extend Your SDDC Across Clouds with a Flexible Cloud Infrastructure

Gain the agility you want from the public cloud while retaining the enterprise IT control you need with VMware’s Cross-Cloud Architecture. Achieve workload portability across clouds and instant extensibility to any cloud using vCloud Air and the vCloud Air Network. Enjoy a powerful on-premises or hosted SDDC that combines vSphere, vSAN and NSX with the most flexible deployment choices, using VMware Cloud Foundation. Ensure availability and disaster recovery with vCloud Air Disaster Recovery, available as a service.

Enable the Most Flexible Cloud Deployment

Learn how VMware Cloud Foundation delivers a unified platform for private and public cloud. 

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Benefit from a Common Flexible Platform

Discover easy workload portability without silos or vendor lock-in by combining vSphere, vCloud Air and the vCloud Air Network. 

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Enjoy Cloud Freedom and Control

Choose from the broadest range of cloud deployment options, including ready-to-run cloud services hosted in vCloud Air. Rapidly deploy a VMware Cloud Foundation hyper-converged SDDC, either on your own hardware or as an integrated system sourced from one of several major server vendors. Cloud Foundation is also available “as a service” from VMware partners like IBM. You can build your cloud infrastructure using your preferred hardware with a selection of VMware products of your choosing, or speed time-to-value by using prescriptive VMware Validated Designs optimized to deliver key IT outcomes.

 “VMware Cloud Foundation runs any traditional or cloud-native application, from business-critical scale-up applications to distributed scale-out applications. Regardless of whether they are in VMs or containers, VMware Cloud Foundation provides a consistent infrastructure platform that delivers the unique performance, resiliency, security and manageability benefits of vSphere, vSAN and VMware NSX.” – eWeek

OpenStack Built on VMware vSphere and vSAN

VMware vSphere and vSAN

Learn about core elements of the best infrastructure for OpenStack.

Leverage an Open and Extensible Ecosystem

Looking for an SDDC managed with vendor-neutral open APIs? Quickly and easily deliver production-grade OpenStack by deploying VMware Integrated OpenStack on existing vSphere infrastructure.

Speed and Agility

Gain speed and agility in enterprise virtualization. 

VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture

Run your applications with full control and management visibility across vSphere and non-vSphere private and public clouds.

The VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture enables businesses to more seamlessly build and operate cloud-native applications.

VMware Cross Cloud Architecture

VMware Supports Your Essential Software

VMware vSphere is certified under Microsoft’s Server Virtualization Validation Program as a fully supported platform for Microsoft operating systems and applications. VMware customers are virtualizing even the biggest, most mission-critical applications and getting great performance and full support from vendors like Oracle and SAP.

VMware Offers the Industry’s Broadest Hardware and Software Support

  • Broad OS Support
    • 84 guest operating systems supported.
  • Broad Hardware Support: Choose from hundreds of certified hardware vendors for server, storage and network.
    • More than 1,700 server options.
    • More than 2,000 storage arrays.
    • More than 2,700 I/O devices.
  • Rich Partner Ecosystem
    • More than 75,000 partners globally.
  • Huge Application Base
    • More than 5,000 apps supported on vSphere.
  • No Vendor Lock-In
    • VMware Integrated OpenStack for open-cloud API support and cross-cloud services for cloud provider choice.
  • Extensible security
    • Instantly extend security policies to the cloud with VMware NSX.

Benefit from Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Help ensure operational consistency, save money and resources and keep your data protected, recoverable and accessible with vCloud Air Disaster Recovery. Built on vCloud Air, the solution is tightly integrated with vSphere and powered by vSphere Replication.

Extend Your SDDC to Any Cloud

Enable a true hybrid cloud experience with VMware vCloud Air that lets you build your applications once and then deploy them both onsite and offsite. A shared common vSphere platform allows vCloud Air and your onsite VMware infrastructure to run the same applications and operating systems, delivering a platform consistency that public cloud services cannot match due to their incompatible virtualization platforms and services.


VMware vCloud Air Customer Montage

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VMware Integrated OpenStack

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vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud Manager

Live migration to the cloud is a reality with vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud Manager and NSX.

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Deep Integration Points Enable a Strong Ecosystem

Enable world-class solutions using APIs and SDKs that provide deep platform integration and expose the best set of combined VMware and partner features.