April 2022
The Power of a Modern Database
Join us on Join us on Tuesday, May 3rd at 9 am PT to learn how you can modernize or build stateful applications with VMware Tanzu and YugabyteDB that are highly scalable, resilient and performant – without any tradeoffs.
In this webinar, you will learn about how a distributed, developer-friendly database by Yugabyte is the perfect complement to your VMware Tanzu-powered app modernization efforts. We will go over VMware Tanzu and YugabyteDB use cases, a combined reference architecture, and a demo showcasing how the solutions work together to support you.
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Rev 3 Sponsored by VMware Tanzu
Data science leaders, do you want to learn, reconnect, and get inspired? VMware Tanzu is a silver sponsor at Rev3, the #1 Enterprise MLOps Conference for data science leaders. This year, Rev 3 will take place in person only in New York City from May 5-6. To secure your spot, register for the event using the VMware special 50% off discount code: vmware50%.
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39 New Solutions Added to the Marketplace Ecosystem
Over 2,300 products are currently listed on VMware Marketplace spread across fifteen distinct solution categories such as AI & ML, Management & Monitoring, and Storage. In February 2022, we added 39 new solutions to the Marketplace across a variety of categories.
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Adding Users to your Marketplace Org
Need to add more users to your existing Marketplace organization? Follow this quick tutorial to learn how to easily perform this action
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