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July 2021
We recently conducted a live session with VMware vExperts on our new Platform Validation capability. For an in-depth review of Platform Validation along with a demo, please review our new technical overview video below.
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Bitnami Helm charts now include a Pod affinity rules feature which help define how the Kubernetes scheduler will distribute a group of pods across cluster nodes when installing an application.
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Marketplace Resources Added to Tanzu Developer Center!
You can find developer resources such as our Introduction to VMware Marketplace Guide and Platform Validation demo on Tanzu Developer Center. Keep an eye out for new content coming here soon!
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Support Resources
For third-party solutions on the VMware Marketplace, support details are provided by the publishing partner on each individual listing. Additionally, VMware Marketplace offers service-level support that can be availed through a ticketing system in our Support Center. You can also utilize the Help functionality, which connects directly to VMware Marketplace Documentation. Read more in the VMware Cloud Services docs.
New Solutions on the Marketplace
Browse some of the new solutions added to VMware Marketplace: Bookmark these VMware Marketplace links for your reference:
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