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Customer Newsletter - December 2021
All Things Tanzu
Through this past month, we had some great discussions with VMware Tanzu thought leaders about how VMware Marketplace supports and enables developers to build, run, and deploy applications using Tanzu solutions.

Tanzu Tuesday
As the Kubernetes landscape for packages has grown, there is an increasing need to expand Kubeapps to support new packaging formats such as declarative Flux resources, Carvel bundles, and other future packaging formats. Miguel Trivino and Antonio Gamez join Tanzu Tuesday hosts to cover how our teams are evolving the traditional Kubeapps Helm-centric architecture towards an API-first, plugin-based and package-agnostic architecture. Kubeapps Helm chart is available on VMware Marketplace.

Tanzu Talk
Developers rely on all sorts of 3rd party frameworks, packages, and projects for their applications. Ensuring that those components are available, secure, and fit into an organization’s overall enterprise architecture can be a challenge. Ramya Sarangarajan, Director of Product Marketing & Strategy, joins Michael Cote, Developer Advocate for VMware Tanzu, for this engaging episode on how the Marketplace helps solve this challenge.

Between Chair and Keyboard
Arun Goel, Sr. Director of VMware Marketplace, joined host Nate Schutta, Developer Advocate and Software Architect, for a conversation about his journey that eventually led him to VMware Marketplace and all things in the software space. You won’t want to miss this inspiring session!

To check out other episodes of Tanzu Tuesday, Tanzu Talk, and Between Chair and Keyboard, please visit the Tanzu Developer Center. The center also has plenty of useful guides, videos and more – be sure to bookmark for future reference!
New Demo for Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Deployment
Want to learn how to deploy VMware Marketplace solutions on Tanzu Kubernetes Grid? We’ve created this simple demo that walks you through how to successfully set up your environment and deploy an application.

To check out other demo videos, visit our YouTube channel.
What’s New on VMware Marketplace
With the newest product release, we have added a new layer of accessibility and simplicity oriented to facilitate our users to meet their specific needs. Now, users can check active subscriptions by seeing who within their organization has subscribed to each solution. To learn more about this and other recent updates to the Marketplace product, as well as new solutions added to our catalog, read the latest release blog.
VMware vRealize Suite Now on Marketplace
As organizations shift from a legacy infrastructure model to a unified cloud operating model, they need an end-to-end cloud management solution that brings together IT teams, app teams, and business goals. The latest updates in vRealize Suite are aligned with this goal - expanding multi-cloud management, app awareness, governance, and time-to-value. Now, the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager is integrated with VMware Marketplace for easy access to vRealize management and content packs.
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