APJ General Session

The Next Evolution: Transformative Partnerships

The recent drive to accelerate digital transformation offers both opportunity and challenges for companies on the path to building and expanding their digital foundations. Join Duncan Hewett and Uma Thana Balasingham to learn how VMware and our partners can drive transformational change together, and build partner capabilities to create customers for life.

Uma Thana Balasingam

Vice President, APJ Commercial and Partner Sales

Duncan Hewett

Senior Vice President and General Manager, APJ

Technical General Session

VMware and Our Partners: New Opportunities for Co-Innovation and Differentiated Value

Guru Venkatachalam

Vice President and APJ CTO

In 2020, VMware partners played a leading role in helping organizations across the world to pivot, recover and innovate while facing some of the most challenging times of a generation. 2021 has ushered in both hope and opportunity, with resiliency, security, velocity and agility paramount to the success of today’s increasingly digital organizations. This technical general session will showcase how VMware and our partners are up-leveling expectations for agility, allowing businesses to grow and change at the speed of software.

Several compelling technology demonstrations will be showcased, highlighting opportunities where together, VMware and our partners can build uniquely differentiated solutions. The technical content and demonstrations will cover specific partner opportunities in areas inclusive of multi-cloud, modern applications, hybrid apps and services, pragmatic DevOps, open source, edge computing, machine learning, and more.

Guest Speaker

Cyber Security from a Hacker’s Perspective

Keren Elazari

The Friendly Hacker
Cyber Security Researcher & Author

The Covid-19 crisis has changed the way we do business, and criminals have quickly adapted to the new reality. What about you? What about your customers? Home has become the new office, and organizations that once feared the cloud have now rushed in, in order to maintain business as usual in these unprecedented times.

Keren Elazari, TED speaker, security analyst and friendly hacker walks us through the new realities of cyber security challenges, trends, predictions and tools to build our digital immune system. Learn how future-forward organizations are changing their security strategy to stay ahead of the challenge. From Zoom Bombing to Account takeovers, through Ransomware and Phishing, we’ll shed light on emerging security threats, attacker’s techniques, and practical ideas on how to build a safe future, together.

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