Maximize Your Sales Success

At EMPOWER Online, you’ll get exclusive access to the training designed for VMware sales teams and delivered at the internal Sales Kickoff event to help you showcase the value of VMware solutions. You'll also get:


  • Access to VMware’s roadmaps and vision for new technologies
  • Information on how you can benefit from our new Partner Connect program
  • Sessions to enable you to close bigger deals

Highlighted Sales Breakout Sessions Include:



The CIO/CISO and Intrinsic Security

In this session, you’ll learn how to approach a CIO to discuss cybersecurity and articulate how VMware and Carbon Black are now the instantiating security inside of an organization across all the business lines. You will also learn how to identify who is responsible for risk mitigation activities that span the spectrum of the entire organization and how to articulate the benefits of speed and innovation and the value of creating a higher security capability for protecting digital assets using VMware’s security solutions.

Driving Compelling Multi-Cloud Conversations

This session focuses on the evolving app landscape. We see customers wanting to retain, re-platform, refactor, rewrite, and replace apps. Additionally, we will look at how customers can migrate and/or modernize their apps and the common infrastructure options to meet the best needs of their app architectures. Finally, we will go over how VMware provides consistent infrastructure and consistent operations through a hybrid cloud solution enabling customers to migrate and modernize their apps in their choice of cloud.

Maximize Profitability with Partner Connect

The new VMware Partner Connect program offers multiple paths to success. You can focus on the solution area(s) that best align with your business across resell, cloud, and services. Achievement of Master Services Competencies unlocks the highest levels of rewards and recognition. Join the session to understand how to maximize your profitability through our incentives and program alignment within Partner Connect.

Be Outcome-Focused

The Outcome-Focused Approach is a prescriptive set of customer-centric tools and guidance that is focused on customer outcomes. Critical to any transformational journey, having an outcome-focused roadmap is a must – it doubles key success factors for one. Forged from VMware’s global experience delivering outcomes for customers across all industries, we’ve developed a model containing the competencies and mandatory capabilities our customers have developed to be successful.


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