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THREAT REPORT: Exposing Malware in Linux-Based Multi-Cloud Environments

90% of cloud runs on Linux. So, is it any wonder that malware is propagating in multi-cloud environments under the radar? Current countermeasures are focused on addressing Windows-based threats, leaving multi-cloud deployments vulnerable to attacks.

Based on research conducted by the VMware Threat Analysis Unit, this report uncovers the unique characteristics of remote access tools (RATs), ransomware, and cryptominers on Linux-based systems and how you can mitigate these threats. You will learn more about:


  • Existing characterization techniques and how to protect against more sophisticated malware
  • Ransomware and cryptominer families that target Linux-based systems following their evolution and cross-pollination
  • How to fight back against the ransomware problem with a combination of approaches, policies, and mechanisms