Unleash Data Science with Infrastructure Virtualization

With Domino Data Lab and VMware Tanzu, code-first data science teams can accelerate research, increase collaboration, and deploy models across an optimized multi-cloud infrastructure.


The Enterprise Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) software from Domino works together with VMware Tanzu portfolio products, such as VMware Tanzu® for Kubernetes Operations, to provide many benefits such as:


  • Containerized environment management
  • Integrated user management and permissions
  • Data science-specific scheduling and resource controls

Together, Domino and VMware Tanzu, support model development, training and management free of DevOps constraints - powered by efficient, end-to-end compute resources.


Download the entire reference architecture to learn more about how to create a highly-available, production-grade deployment of Domino Data Lab on VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid.

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