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Global Incident Response Threat Report: Weathering the Storm

The past two years have placed a heavy burden on incident responders. Security teams are still reeling from pandemic disruptions and burnout while bracing for cyberattacks tied to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Today’s defenders also face mounting risks posed by deepfakes, container and cloud vulnerabilities, API security systems, business email compromise, and ransomware attacks. The ability of threat actors to move laterally, evade IR teams, and leverage these various platforms and attack methods to further penetrate networks and distribute attacks only exacerbates these risks. But there is a bright side: defenders are successfully implementing new strategies and methods – such as virtual patching and attack disruption – to stem the tide of incursions. The more visibility incident responders have across today’s widening attack surface, the better equipped they’ll be to defeat their adversaries. Download the 2022 Global Incident Response Threat Report today and learn how to see and stop more threats, while ensuring defenders can weather the storm.