VMware Webcasts
IDC Insight: Business Value of NSX Advanced Load Balancer

January 10, 2023 at 9:00am PT


Brad Casemore of IDC will share his observations on the requirements for a modern application delivery infrastructure and show how NSX Advanced Load Balancer can help enterprises achieve higher application developer productivity and lower the cost of operations.

VMware Aria: Removing Complexity from End-To-End Multi-Cloud Management

January 12, 2023 at 10:00am PT


In this webinar, our experts will demonstrate how the VMware Aria portfolio automates the delivery of IT services across any cloud to give you peak application performance and availability, along with simplified cost management. 

Top Latest Things to Know About VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts

January 18, 2023 at 10:00am PT


Join us for a technical deep dive into the latest features and capabilities of VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts. We’ll discuss some of the key customer-driven use cases and compare it to other solutions available today. 

Emotet Exposed: Inside the Cybercriminals’ Supply Chain

January 19, 2023 at 9:00am PT


Take a deep dive into the most recent waves of the Emotet botnet. We’ll provide you with never-before-seen insights into the malware delivery mechanism’s malicious components and modules, its execution chains and its software development lifecycle.

vSphere 8: Bring the Benefits of the Cloud to On-Premises Workloads

January 24, 2023 at 9:00am PT


vSphere+, a new offer of vSphere 8, gives IT admins and DevOps engineers access to high-value cloud services to boost productivity and accelerate velocity. Join us to learn more about the cloud services that are now available with vSphere 8 and vSphere+. 

Gone Wild: Freestyle Orchestrator Success Stories and What's Coming Next

January 25, 2023 at 10:00am PT


Freestyle Orchestrator is a modern IT orchestration platform that lets admins design, orchestrate and automate any complex IT task. In this webinar, we’ll show you real-world examples of users who have adopted it and give you a look into what’s coming next.


Accelerated Ransomware Protection and Recovery with VMware Solutions (VMware Cloud DR, Carbon Black, NSX)

With one organization getting attacked every 11 seconds, ransomware is top of mind for all IT professionals. In this webcast, we’ll show you how to leverage VMware solutions to defend in depth against ransomware attacks.

Telltale Signs of a Network Compromise: A Stage-By-Stage Attack Chronology

Learn the telltale signs of a breach across the phases of the attack chain, and find out how you can detect advanced threat actors operating within your network.

A Cloud Operating Model for Multi-Cloud Admins

Adopt an efficient cloud operating model for your multi-cloud deployments, and transform your IT organization into a service provider with automated delivery, consistent performance management, cost benefits, capacity optimization, and enhanced security.  

You've Chosen Your Cloud(s), How About App Delivery and Security?

Avoid trade-offs between a sub-optimal cloud-specific solution and a feature-rich legacy virtual appliance solution by choosing a true multi-cloud solution – one that gives you both the enterprise-grade features and cloud-native experience in every cloud.

VMware Cloud on AWS: Enabling easy cloud migration for your workload

Learn the best practices for planning a VMware Cloud on AWS migration. Our experts will show you how to plan your migration, mobilize your VMware Cloud on AWS foundation, and run migrations at scale. 

VMware Cloud on AWS: Storage deep dive and new capabilities

Join our expert team and learn about the new features of VMware Cloud on AWS. From new managed storage capabilities, performance optimizations, and stretched clusters, we’ll show you how you can have more design scenarios for your workloads.

Navigating the Storms of Geopolitically Charged Cyberattacks

Examine the growth of geopolitical threats, including deep fakes, container and cloud vulnerabilities, API security systems, business email compromise (BEC), and extortionary ransomware attacks.

Move over Citrix – Why VMware Horizon is the best platform for desktop and app virtualization

VMware Horizon can reduce the effort needed to manage your systems. Learn about our approach to security, and how we deliver the best platform for desktop and app virtualization. 

Optimize Your Frontline Worker Device Deployments with Insights, Analytics, and Automation

Join our panel of experts as they discuss how organizations with frontline workers can leverage analytics and automation to increase IT, developer, and service desk visibility and insight, while improving the digital employee experience.

How to Modernize your SOC, Simplify Endpoint Security, and Reduce Risk

Get ahead of emerging threats by modernizing your security operations center (SOC) with proven strategies that simplify endpoint security and reduce risk.

Up-Level Your Network to Enable Remote Work, Clouds, and the New Edge

Find out why organizations on their digital transformation journey are increasingly adopting SD-WAN and SASE to connect these distributed elements reliably, efficiently, and securely. 

Expert Panelists Discuss the Art of Modern Management

Workspace ONE meets all the requirements for IT to deploy modern management. Learn why it’s the best solution for organizations managing Windows and macOS devices and all other BYOD and corporate-owned devices. 

Do Something Great! for Citizens: Why Application Modernization is 2022 Imperative for State Governments

December 6, 2022 at 10am PT


A new study from VMware and NASCIO shows that state governments can offer their citizens more efficient and effective outcomes by modernizing their IT programs. We’ll look at the steps state governments can take to not only identify gaps in their offerings but implement an agile delivery process that can help them be better equipped to serve their citizens.

Get the Job Done Better: Learn how to use the Best Practices of Modern Software Factories

December 7, 2022


State governments need to adopt new technologies in order to provide better services for their citizens, but they also need to be cautious about spending taxpayer money on unnecessary upgrades. In this webcast, we’ll discuss how you can adopt the best practices of modern software factories to reduce costs, increase efficiency and innovation, and improve the quality of your applications.

From Assessment to Action, Modernization Strategy That Works: How to Start Modernizing Your Portfolio in 4-6 Weeks

December 8, 2022


By developing a decision framework based on technical feasibility and business impact, you can apply agile and lean software and product development techniques to a portfolio of applications.
Join us to learn how an initial decision framework takes only 4-6 weeks to develop and can lead to building a solid foundation for your future modernization efforts.