VMware EUC Breakfast Briefings


VMware EUC Breakfast Briefings; Zero Trust and The Anywhere Workspace


You have been invited to attend four individual EUC lead Breakfast Briefings. We hope to deliver you a Quick, Concise, Bite-Sized view of all that is current within


Day One: Employee Experience
VMware has put employee experience front and centre when it comes to enterprise apps and devices. Learn how VMware's Intelligent Hub puts the power back in the hands of end-users to stay connected to their organization, no matter what device they are on are where they are. Learn how IT can monitor user experience and automate remediation using VMware’s Digital Employee Experience (DEX).


Day Two: IT Experience
Explore how Workspace ONE UEM enables full endpoint  management of mobile and desktop device types from one integrated platform. 

Learn how our platform delivers a seamless onboarding experience through to day
2 operations.


Day Three: Virtual Apps and Desktops
Windows Apps still make up a considerable proportion of Enterprise applications. In the modern world of remote and flexible working, IT needs to make them available to everyone, on any device, while still ensuring security. This session will cover everything from VDI basics to advanced topics with VMware's Just-In-Time Management Platform and hybrid and public cloud offerings.


Day Four: Intrinsic Security
Zero-Trust? Threat detection? UEBA? Intrinsic security? It's easy to get lost in the maze of security terms thrown at us from every angle. That's why we've built security into every part of Workspace ONE and made it easy to get real-time access to information about all of your devices, applications and user behaviour while automating security threat remediation.

Join Us Over Your Morning Coffee - Our bite sized briefings have been devised to allow you to join discover and learn, in a short immersive experience, all the current business & market trends, challenges, that could provide insight into your own EUC Digital Workplace direction. 


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