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VMware Learning’s Knowledge and Skills Assessment (KSA)

Is your team ready to build the skills and knowledge required to make it easier to get the most from your VMware investment? Are you prepared to optimize your current VMware solutions?


Discover the answers for these questions with the VMware Learning Knowledge and Skills Assessment (KSA). Our complimentary service will allow you and your team to understand and identify existing skill gaps for your VMware solutions across the whole IT organization. The KSA will provide insight into and delivery of:


  • The current state of your IT team’s VMware skill gaps and strengths, as measured by their alignment to our course learning outcomes.
  • Understanding where VMware training is, and just as importantly, is not required to meet your business obligations and customer needs.
  • Training plans for each participant where we identify required VMware training courses, suggest prerequisite learning, and align certifications with ordered and phased progression for both short and long-term success.


Maximize the value of your VMware technology!


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