4 Reasons_to_Extend_Data_Center_Extension_VMware_Cloud_on_AWS_Infographic

4 Reasons to Extend Your Data Center to the Cloud


As organizations expand their operations regionally or even globally to keep up with rising demand, IT infrastructure teams face increasing pressure to support this growth. Many are turning to the public cloud as it provides the ability to seamlessly expand operations while maintaining economies of scale. And, 93 percent of IT survey respondents are committed to a hybrid cloud strategy. (Enterprise Strategy Group. "Hybrid Cloud Trends Survey." March 2019.)


With VMware Cloud™ on AWS, enterprises worldwide can take advantage of footprint expansion to move into new geographies or deliver new projects and leverage on-demand capacity for unplanned surges in usage—all while driving innovation through the development of hybrid applications and effective test and development environments.


Read this infographic to learn why organizations are turning to the hybrid cloud for their data center expansion needs.

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