5G's promise of network transformation through full "softwarization" will give communications service providers (CSPs) unprecedented agility and flexibility. However, it also introduces a host of operational challenges that CSPs must address to make this network transformation efficient and cost effective. VMware has engineered these capabilities and more into its vCloud® NFV™ platform through its Operational Intelligence framework. The ETSI-compliant VMware vCloud NFV platform consists of NFV Infrastructure (NFVI) and virtualized infrastructure manager (VIM). Operational Intelligence components are pre-integrated into the architecture, providing:


  • Service on-boarding capabilities including service and resource discovery, security and alert definitions, multi-tenant dashboards and network micro-segmentation
  • Unified visibility from applications to infrastructure, capacity and performance monitoring, dashboards and analytics, and API/SDK access
  • Capacity and utilization analysis including trending, forecasting, remediation, and resource reclamation
  • Service Issue isolation including SLA and performance degradation alerts, recommendations, and 360-degree network and application visibility
  • Automated workflows for closed-loop optimization, predictive resource scheduling, and pattern recognition-driven alerts


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