Transform Networking and Security

As digital experiences become increasingly central to business, IT leaders need to ensure that the infrastructure they provide is reliable, agile, and secure enough to support new user experiences. Traditional network and security approaches based on hardware appliances, static systems, and complex manual configuration aren’t up to the task. IT needs to take a new approach to digital infrastructure, with a network foundation that provides consistent connectivity to applications and data wherever they reside—across private data centers, to public clouds, all the way to the edge. It also means delivering that connectivity in a secure, seamless way.


At the event, you’ll learn how to:


  • Build a software-based network that’s operationally consistent across heterogeneous physical infrastructure
  • Align network provisioning, configuration, and change management to applications—simply and automatically
  • Protect your applications and data without adding complexity by leveraging intrinsic security within your digital infrastructure


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