Kubernetes Monitoring in vRealize Operations: How to Monitor

How to Monitor Kubernetes in vRealize Operations


Whether using containers or virtual machines, the end goal of organizations is to have a highly available, reliable and a scalable platform to run their business applications. VMware provides a unified platform that incorporates both VMs and Kubernetes, and vRealize Operations is the only tool that provides unified discovery, monitoring, and troubleshooting for this platform.


In this whitepaper, we’ll discuss exactly how you can get started. Download this whitepaper to learn:


  • The ins and outs of VMware’s enterprise-ready Kubernetes runtime, Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG)
  • How vRealize Operations integrates workload management constructs for (TKG)
  • How to configure monitoring capabilities for TKG Specific dashboard how-tos


Simply and effectively monitor your VM and Kubernetes operations at scale – download this whitepaper today.

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