VMware vFORUM 2019


08:30 – 10:00
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Keynote - Meet the driver of the self-driving datacenter
One of the greatest challenges of an ever-evolving modern IT spectrum is the ability to maintain manageability and control of a broad range of applications and the multi-cloud resources they consume. Traditionally, enterprises use a series of static policies and artificial boundaries to govern apps throughout their lifecycle. However, in an agile, app-centric world, these static policies can be a hinderance to innovation and service delivery.

Enter Machine Learning, where application and infrastructure policies and operational boundaries can be dynamically established by machine learning algorithms best suited for the application and/or stated business intent. In this talk, we will explore how VMware's Cloud Management portfolio will incorporate Machine Learning principals to deliver the next-generation self-driving datacenter.

  • Gain a general understanding of AI and Machine Learning and how this emerging tech will transform cloud management.
  • Learn how VMware is incorporating Machine Learning principals to deliver the next-generation self-driving datacenter.
  • Understand how reinforcement learning (RL) can be used to overcome the limitations of policy-based cloud management solutions.
Speaker: Jad El-Zein
11:00 – 11:30
Customer Story: NRB

Speaker: Michael Boeckx
11:30 – 12:15
Demo: From IaaS to CaaS and DevOps
Join this session to see how the VMware strategy as a whole help the business achieve his goal through a demo oriented story telling. We will show how a virtual company combine agility, security and cost efficiency to deliver new application services to their consumers in a multi cloud world.

Speaker: Vincent Meoc
12:15 – 13:15
Lunch in Expo / Sponsored booths
13:15 – 13:45
Dell Technologies

Introducing the Dell Technologies Cloud Platform

In this session, we will start with one of the latest Dell Technologies announcement: the Dell Technologies Cloud Platform. What is this platform, and why should you pay attention? We will show you how this platform integrates with VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF). We will then move on to discuss how VCF is foundational to Dell-EMC's VCF on VxRail datacenter solution.

Attendees will learn how VMware Cloud Foundation is integrated with Dell-EMC VxRail Hyper-converged appliance infrastructure, combining the Software Lifecycle Management capabilities of VMware's SDDC Manager with the Hardware Lifecycle Management capabilities of Dell-EMC's VxRail Manager.

Speaker: Gregory Oldyck

Accelerating your cloud migration with VMware Cloud on AWS

Customers are using VMware Cloud on AWS to accelerate cloud migrations, deploy hybrid architectures, and replace their disaster recovery environments. VMware Cloud on AWS brings a new dimension of hybrid cloud and mixed architecture to many customers, offering the opportunity for augmenting and evolving existing and legacy applications.

Learn how VMware Cloud on AWS helps build a lower-risk and iterative transformation approach to your traditional applications and data in a hybrid environment. Also learn best practices to protect and scale your workload by natively integrating AWS services, such as AWS Direct Connect, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, and Elastic Load Balancing.

Speaker: John Segers

Hybrid and multi-cloud by design

As part of this strategy brief, Aleksandar Francuz will highlight current market developments in cloud technologies (hybrid, multi- and public cloud), and then highlight the benefits of using IBM cloud technologies and services based on customer references.

Finally, an outlook on future technical developments of the IBM cloud is planned.

Main takeaways:

  • What is the current market situation for public, private and hybrid cloud?
  • Use hands-on examples to learn how IBM has helped other companies in their digital transformation.
Speaker: Aleksandar Francuz
13:45 – 13:50
13:50 – 14:20
How HCI is revolutionizing the datacenter today and tomorrow!
In this session Duncan will discuss where we are today when it comes to VMware based Infrastructures. More importantly, we will be discussing where we are going tomorrow and how hyper-converged technologies help optimizing data center and operational efficiency. Current common challenges will be discussed, followed by solutions to those challenges.
This session will include forward looking demoes and statements.

Speaker: Duncan Epping
Modern application building blocks
Maybe you have seen this already: VMware has the intent to acquire Bitnami. If you want know more on how you can empower your builders, increase productivity, and provide seamless policy enforcement with Bitnami. Come to this session.

Speaker: Zach Vidibor
VMware’s Service Defined Firewall
Security solutions have been outpaced by security threats. It’s time for a change. Focusing on the good, instead of all that is potentially bad, changes the game for attackers. During this session you will learn how virtualization helps you achieve a higher level of security while leveraging its unique abilities to shrink this attack surface.

Speaker: Frederick Verduyckt
14:20 – 14:25
14:25 – 14:45

VM centric operations makes life easy in a data centric world

Data is at the core of our organisations, and around it there is: middleware, infrastructure, policies, etc… Virtualization introduced flexibility and efficiency in all of these layers. Commvault VM centric operations are built to provide:

  • Deeper understanding of data inside VM’s through analytics and reporting
  • Data portability through automated conversion and cross-platform synchronization
  • Policy-driven client management assures SLA’s are in place throughout the VM’s lifecycle
  • Fine grained disaster recovery based on VAIO for the lowest RPO possible.
Speaker: Peter Maes

Virtualization Unleashed

Infrastructure virtualization on FlashArray is so efficient, you can consolidate – and accelerate – every workload. It's so effortless, that the Pure Storage dataplaform will accelerate your business applications. And with Evergreen™ Storage your investment will be protected without the need to perform fork-lift upgrades as the platform is build to last. Together with our Elite partner PROACT we will present a real world case on how we guided a large Belgian company from a traditional and complex environment towards a platform that will allow them to keep their advantage in the market.

Speakers: Alec Devroey, Systems Engineer Pure Storage & Tom Bogaert, Presales Consultant Proact Belgium

Bringing Cloud Data Management to the SDDC

Come see for yourself why Rubrik won back to back "best of show" awards at VMworld for bringing much needed innovation to the space of data management. We'll show how to protect and manage your virtual environment with consumer-grade simplicity and policy-driven SLA compliance. Drive your RTOs down to seconds for mission-critical apps and unlock fast, actionable insights across your datacenter and multi-cloud environment.

We'll also demonstrate Rubrik's Radar solution to detect and instantly recovery from Ransomware events, another Gold Award winning solution at VMworld.

Speaker: Filip Verloy, Field CTO EMEA
14:45 – 15:10
Coffee break in Expo / Sponsored booths
15:10 – 15:40
The Journey towards VMware Multi-Cloud

VMware over the last 20 years has grown from a virtualization to a multi-cloud software giant. With that growth also came the expansion of the product portfolio and with that the complexity of how it all fits together. In this session we'll talk about the vision and strategy of VMware and how it all fits together.

It will provide a step-by-step approach on how to look at VMware's product portfolio and how this helps in moving Enterprise customers move towards a multi-cloud environment where IT is in control of all cloud resources and is able to add value to the business. This session talk about the trends that are currently happening in the market. Which products from VMware can help and how everything fits together to help customers move toward multi-cloud.

All content comes from experience gained at customers with real-life examples.

Speaker: Martijn Baecke
VMware as a security vendor - ZeroTrust approach
VMware is never being seen as a security vendor. What we see is that organizations are changing on how they work, how they consume applications, ... So we also need a different approach to security. 

In this session you'll see a Zero Trust approach with a VMware solution.

Speaker: Frederiek Van Hoornick
Is Cloud Native applicable to Belgian Enterprise Customers ? A review of customer cases
VMware offers comprehensive cloud native solutions across the stack from infrastructure to application to help enterprises build, run and manage modern applications with productivity, security and efficiency. Is this applicable for the Belgian Enterprise customers? Yes it is and in this session, you'll see an overview of customer cases.

Speaker: Eric De Witte
15:40 – 15:45
15:45 – 16:05

Veeam in a multi cloud world

The biggest mistake in the IT landscape today is going to the cloud without considering the data security. At Veeam we can help you cover that gap.

In this session we will discuss how you can back up the data and migrate from cloud to cloud. Additionally we will talk about how you can leverage the cloud to store your long term data.

Speaker: Timothy Dewin
Trend Micro

Did you forget Security for your Containers, Devops?

Security in a fast pace cloud world is essential for your business. Every day, we hear in the news about businesses that have been compromised. In the past we had the proliferation of VMs in the datacenter and the security challenges it faced. With the Public Cloud and the shared responsibility model, it’s key that we stay focused and that we embrace these evolutions in a secure way. The next big thing is the containerization of services and the use of microservices.

During this session you will learn about the challenges that these new technologies have from a security point of view and how you can secure Cloud, Containers, Microservices and at the end how you can put security in a Serverless world.

Speaker: Stefaan Van Hoornick

VMware technologies can drive your competitiveness : what does this really mean for YOU?
Digitalization is putting pressure on companies to stay relevant in the market. Traditional IT is under heavy pressure to deliver business agility, whilst already being swamped under day-to-day operations. Young cloud native companies become heavy competition, taking over the markets.

VMware positions strategic IT priorities like ‘Accelerate your Cloud Journey’ and ‘Empower your Digital Workspace’, but also ‘Modernize your Applications’ as crucial for you to stay competitive in your market.

But wat does this really mean for you? And how can you get help?

Tom Vallons, Managing Director of ITQ in Belgium and Luxembourg, will give you some real life examples of how ITQ and VMware helped customers boost their business agility.

Speaker: Tom Vallons
16:05 – 16:10
16:10 – 16:30
What you need to know about VMC on AWS
Organizations are rapidly adopting hybrid cloud strategies to take advantage of both on-premises and cloud services. However, moving applications to the cloud can be difficult and time-consuming, often taking months. VMware offers solutions that customers are using to migrate hundreds of applications to the cloud in a few days. Additionally, VMware solutions simplify day 2 operations by providing consistent infrastructure and operations across on-premises and public cloud services. This session will unveil how VMware is helping organizations migrate applications to the cloud, extend their data centres to the cloud, deploy cloud-based disaster recovery solutions and modernize their applications with the power of VMware and AWS cloud services.

Speaker: Gilles Chekroun
How to manage and secure your Internet of Things
Internet of Things has been called the fourth industrial revolution. IoT technology can help doing business smarter, cheaper and more efficiently. Operational Technology is where the business really happens, and where a configuration mistake or a bug has far-reaching impacts. It also brings a huge amount of new data in the IT environment, often from locations where there is no IT staff of equipment.

VMware is known for industrialising and simplyfing the IT landscape over the past two decades. Now we are tackling the same challenges on the OT front. In this session, you will find out how VMware can help you manage and secure your Internet of Things environment.

Speaker: Lode Vermeiren
Achieving a Comprehensive Multi-Cloud Strategy with CloudHealth
As organizations begin to incorporate multiple clouds into their IT strategies, they are often faced with significant operational complexity. In this session, we will examine this complexity and look at how you can use CloudHealth, the foundation of VMware’s multi-cloud solution, to effectively manage and optimize resource usage across all of your cloud environments

Speaker: Michiel Groen
16:30 – 16:35
16:35 – 17:15
Closing Keynote by Marc Herremans
Marc Herremans shows you how to turn a setback into an opportunity, how setbacks stimulate creativity and challenges, that every disadvantage has an advantage, how to expand your boundaries by concentrating on the positive, that by teamwork you will achieve greater success.

For his biography, please click here.
17:15 – 18:45
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