Building a Foundation for Digital Business

Autonomous vehicles. Smart buildings. Connected medicine. Commercial drones. Augmented reality. What do they all mean for your business? They mean opportunities to create new value and deliver great new experiences. They mean new challenges too. 

An Architecture for a Digital Foundation Built on VMware
New innovations mean new opportunities – and challenges – for your business.


These innovations and many others will impact your business directly by transforming part of your value chain, or indirectly by changing the expectations and priorities of your customers. You face increasingly complex trade-offs that will require the right investment decisions across your people, processes and technology. Managing these trade-offs—especially as the speed of disruption and the complexity of technology increase—is requiring a re-think of IT architecture. You need an architecture that enables rapid transformation without requiring wholesale disruption.


We think of this as building your digital foundation. A digital foundation helps you integrate disruptive innovations with the technology, processes, and people you have now, while ensuring flexibility as technology and business strategies change. A digital foundation lets you harness new innovations effectively by providing consistent infrastructure, consistent operations, and intrinsic security. It’s a foundation for transformation on your terms, and it’s essential for navigating the rapid change taking place in every industry. 



An Architecture for a Digital Foundation Built on VMware
VMware takes an architecture-led approach to building a digital foundation.


VMware’s software-defined digital infrastructure solutions enable this by supporting all your apps and data, running on any cloud, and delivered to any device. 

  • “Any cloud” means you can deploy apps to the clouds of your choice, move on-premises apps to the cloud (and back!) without expensive refactoring, maintain visibility and security of public cloud workloads, and leverage new environments like telco clouds and edge deployment. 
  • “Any app” means you can support the development and operations of cloud and container-based apps, continue to drive cost out of existing on-premises workloads, and even connect existing apps and data sources with new ones to create value in novel ways. 
  • “Any device” means you can easily manage and secure mobile devices, desktops, edge devices and IoT sensors.


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