Choose the Right Cloud for Your Apps


VMware’s heritage is enabling customer choice by abstracting different hardware options into a uniform virtualised layer. We’ve done that for servers, storage, and networks, while enabling automated and policy-driven operations and management, letting you run IT on your terms. We do the same with clouds. We let you choose whichever cloud environment best meets your needs, without making you give up visibility, operational consistency, security or control.


We do this by offering cloud solutions for whichever path IT chooses—be that moving existing data centre workloads to a hybrid cloud or edge; natively managing apps and workloads in multiple public clouds; and developing and deploying new container-based apps on top of enterprise-grade Kubernetes. Ultimately, we enable you to make the right infrastructure and service choices for your apps and then evolve them over time as your needs change.


Our fully integrated hybrid cloud platform delivers software-defined compute, storage, networking, security and cloud management in both private and public environments. This simplifies data centre operations, bringing the ease and automation of the public cloud in-house with a standardised and validated architecture that features built-in lifecycle automation for the entire cloud stack. Deployment options include on-premises, as a service from VMware running in AWS, and as a service from dozens of other major cloud providers. The same stack will soon be available for edge deployments as well. 


Our hybrid cloud stack also leverages the unique capabilities of VMware virtualisation to provide intrinsic security at every level of the infrastructure, including micro-segmentation at the networking layer, behavioral app-level protection at the compute layer, and data encryptions at the storage layer. 


But not all of your workloads are running in virtualised environments. Increasingly, more of your workloads are cloud-native as you start consuming infrastructure and services from AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud and others. With industry-leading cloud management and networking and security solutions, we enable common operations and automation for greater visibility and cost management, as well as greater security and better control. Increasingly intelligent operations management also gives you continuous performance optimizations, efficient capacity management, and intelligent remediation.


VMware Cloud solutions offer consistent infrastructure, consistent operations and a consistent developer experience.
VMware Cloud solutions offer consistent infrastructure, consistent operations and a consistent developer experience.


You benefit with a developer-friendly environment across clouds, and the ability to help your ops team manage compliance, cost and ongoing cloud operations across a multi-cloud environment in a frictionless way.


A key goal of any cloud strategy is to increase the productivity of developers and DevOps teams, who are driving a significant portion of your cloud consumption. That’s why we see so much interest in the Kubernetes platform for automating the deployment, scaling and management of container-based apps. VMware’s container strategy is to solve the operational challenges around enterprise deployment of Kubernetes by making it as easy and reliable as flipping a switch. We deliver complete Kubernetes orchestration, easy setup and day-two operations for the ongoing management of containers. We help you enable your DevOps teams to build, operate, and consume container-based apps on a hybrid cloud, as well as consume those apps on a native public cloud, while addressing the challenges of container security, networking, monitoring and storage. ▪