From efficient LED-based light modules and personalised interior lighting to functional algorithms and advanced projection systems, OSRAM Continental is developing innovative automotive lighting solutions that improve safety and offer unique driving experiences. The company is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and has approximately 1,500 employees in 13 locations worldwide.


When OSRAM Continental was founded as a joint venture between the technology companies OSRAM and Continental in 2018, it needed a fully operational, ready-to-use IT infrastructure on day one. That infrastructure had to support a range of business apps and provide opportunities to increase productivity for globally distributed employees. And of course, the infrastructure needed to help control costs and complexity.


Lighting a path to the cloud

To find and implement a ready-to-use IT infrastructure, the OSRAM Continental IT team explored cloud solutions together with the IT service provider vleet. A cloud-based infrastructure could enable OSRAM Continental to quickly deploy and scale apps while supporting all employees with cloud-native productivity applications. However, the IT team wanted to be sure that deployment of cloud services would not increase administrative complexity. Rather than layering on distinct cloud services, the IT team planned to integrate the cloud with existing virtualised IT infrastructure resources.

Both OSRAM and Continental teams had used VMware solutions in their respective data centres for several years. Consequently, the newly integrated IT team chose VMware Cloud on AWS, which leverages the same VMware infrastructure used for on-premises environments. Creating a hybrid environment with consistent infrastructure allowed the company to accelerate the initial deployment and gain the flexibility to shift apps among environments in the future.


Enabling remote productivity with digital workspaces

To help speed onboarding for its dispersed employees, the OSRAM Continental IT team also decided to implement a digital workspace solution, which can provide simple, secure access to enterprise apps and data from anywhere. The team selected the VMware Workspace ONE digital workspace. With Workspace ONE, employees had everything they needed to be productive on their first day.

Accelerating provisioning and ramping up the business

The cloud solution enabled the new joint venture to get to work quickly. Going forward, the hybrid cloud environment will allow the company to quickly and easily expand its IT resources as the business evolves. With VMware Cloud on AWS, administrators can add a new host to the cloud environment within 15 minutes, giving the IT team the flexibility to provision workloads on an ad-hoc basis.

With a single, consistent infrastructure that spans on-premises and cloud environments, IT administrators did not have to learn new tools. Automation for the cloud environment further simplifies administration. For example, if a host fails, it is automatically replaced by another host while the service continues to run without downtime.


Meanwhile, the use of Workspace ONE allows the company to integrate new employees seamlessly. The IT team can deploy, scale and manage virtual desktops from a single control plane.


Optimising energy efficiency and controlling costs

The efficient energy consumption of the VMware Cloud on AWS environment strengthened the OSRAM Continental team’s decision to use this solution. Because the highly consolidated VMware Cloud on AWS environment uses fewer hosts than other environments, it is an environmentally friendly solution. It also reduces costs compared to an on-premises environment.

Illuminating the road ahead

With help from vleet and VMware, OSRAM Continental established an agile, scalable infrastructure that can accommodate a growing business in an evolving industry. The company can embrace new technology trends—including connected vehicles, autonomous driving and AI—and shift into developing new products without major infrastructure overhauls.

At the same time, by deploying a digital workspace solution, the company can support flexible working and adapt quickly to short-term changes, such as those required during the COVID-19 pandemic. ▪

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