Support Any Device Across Your Business


When it comes to app consumption, you’re focused on enabling users to consume them anywhere, anytime, on any device. You want to give employees the choice to work where and how they work best, with their favorite tools—because you know great employee experiences can help you attract and retain the best talent, drive deeper engagement, and increase productivity. In fact, in a recent Forbes study, 87 percent of CIOs surveyed indicated their belief that digitally empowering their employees can drive at least 5 percent additional revenue growth over 3 years.1


And so, taking advantage of today’s cloud-based management, you’re using digital workspaces to deliver self-service, out-of-the-box experiences to end users, scaling across platforms, locations, and device-ownership models. 


Building on our virtualisation expertise, we’ve developed a digital workspace solution that establishes a new engagement model between IT and end users. It assumes that users, their devices, and many of their apps are beyond the firewall, requiring a zero-trust approach that protects information with context-aware intelligence and automated remediation. This approach takes the friction out of app delivery and promotes choice and flexibility while improving security. You already have multiple security tools in use; but only VMware provides the Trust Network that allows member-security solutions to share contextual data that informs risk and reduces the attack fatigue that stretches your IT and Security resources. 


The VMware digital workspace removes friction from app access and simplifies endpoint management.
The VMware digital workspace removes friction from app access and simplifies endpoint management.


Our digital workspace solution also eliminates the complexities of endpoint management across Android, iOS, macOS, Chrome OS, Windows 10, and across established and emerging IoT platforms. Physical and virtual desktops can be managed side by side, freeing administrators to concentrate on defining and delivering a workspace experience, rather than building images and chasing down patch reports. Virtual desktops can now take advantage of our Hybrid Cloud infrastructure to run virtual apps or virtual desktop workloads optimised for both employee location or latency from mission critical systems of record. 


The digital experiences your employees consume will continue to be a collection of new and legacy apps, physical and virtual, internal, SaaS, and inside and outside the firewall. Only VMware provides a platform to abstract and shift the complexity of IT and security away from your employees, providing the consumer-like experiences they expect, and the flexibility and power to do their very best work. ▪


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