What a 5G World Might Look Like

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The combination of 5G and edge computing creates limitless possibilities. Through a series of short videos, we’ve created a day in the life of student Charlotte, whose 5G-fueled world—supported by a digital foundation built on VMware—is not that far off. 


Remote learning, 5G style

In this first video, Charlotte connects to a learning pod, an edge device with remote learning features. Watch how the pod, which is powered by VMware’s integrated stack of software-defined computing, storage, networking and management, helps Charlotte take a live class led by an instructor who is thousands of miles away.


Keeping in touch, without the latency 

The beauty of 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) means that live data is processed closer to the end user’s device so that it can be streamed without latency. Watch this video to see how Charlotte uses a real-time monitoring app to follow a family of elephants, live. Learn how the app processes real-time data from hundreds of land- and drone-based monitoring cameras to deliver instant updates to subscribers, and see how Charlotte’s communications service provider (CSP) delivers this content without delays. Learn how the CSP makes this possible using multi-cloud management software with intrinsic security from VMware.


5G: Bringing the world closer

Engineers and healthcare workers are just two examples of professionals who are taking advantage of virtual reality and augmented reality. Using these technologies, they can quickly learn how to use new equipment without needing to handle the physical object. However, creating virtual worlds or overlaying real worlds with digital images and graphics in a convincing way requires a lot of processing power. Because edge computing moves the computation closer to the end device, the result feels realistic and is consistent. 

Watch this video of Charlotte and a friend at a teahouse as Charlotte prepares for an upcoming trip to China. Charlotte uses the teahouse’s table (which is actually a high-resolution screen running a VMware virtual desktop) to learn key Mandarin phrases. Although the communications between her mobile device and the different edge and IoT devices at the teahouse appear effortless, a lot happens in the background to make it all possible. 


Faster delivery via 5G

Retailers and package delivery companies have been testing drone delivery for the past few years. Safety is a major concern; drones must be able to avoid colliding with aircrafts, power lines, people and property. 5G networks, supported by a digital foundation with intrinsic security, can help address these safety issues. 5G enables drones to operate as edge devices that use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to automatically recognise obstacles. Moreover, 5G helps improve service quality through data analytics. Watch this video of how this works as Charlotte orders some dumplings to be drone-delivered to her home.


Autonomous vehicle safety with 5G

It’s widely reported that 5G can help make autonomous vehicles safer and smarter than those reliant on 4G. As an article in Machine Design suggests: “Self-driving cars use hundreds of sensors to make vehicles faster and smarter. These sensors generate unprecedented amounts of data … Autonomous cars’ systems require incredible data processing capabilities and speeds needed to mimic the timing of human reflexes.” The article adds that 5G’s “low latency will make these vehicles extraordinarily safe and reliable on the roads—safer than vehicles today that are operated by people.” Watch this video of Charlotte catching a ride home in an autonomous car. Learn how the car combines local processing power with a mobile edge gateway that manages dozens of edge and IoT devices.


As you can see, 5G could help businesses and governments create a seamlessly connected world, especially when it’s built on a digital foundation that enables them to deliver any app to any device with any cloud. Learn more about the fundamentals of building a foundation for digital business that’s ready for 5G. ▪

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