What We Learn from Our Own IT Organisation

A digital foundation that encompasses cloud, mobility and security connects silos of innovation: This enables teams in any business—large or small—to easily and quickly work together and learn from each other. So that ultimately, they can design, develop and deliver new products and services to their customers—faster and more efficiently.


The result is a growing base of happy customers and shareholders, plus the ability to continue making a positive impact in the world by using technology for better social, environmental and economic outcomes.  


How are we sure of this? We know because this is how we run our own IT at VMware. 


VMware’s digital transformation

Like many of our customers, we began our digital transformation a few years ago. We shifted from using exclusively on-premises software to a multicloud delivery environment so that we can scale faster and deliver innovations to customers more quickly. We use many of our software products and services in our IT environment to better empower our teams, while ensuring our systems are safe from attacks. 

At VMware, our IT shop is driven by several imperatives: 


  • We Run a Tight Ship: Our employees are empowered to work faster and more efficiently because we’re laser-focused on improving the way they work. We run on multicloud so we can scale, but we also manage our private and public cloud infrastructure as a single hybrid environment to enhance security and consistency. 
  • We Test Our Own Products: Where better to test our own products than in our own IT environment? Through our VMware-on-VMware program, our IT teams help our product teams to identify bugs, request features and validate that products can scale easily. 
  • We Safeguard Our Vital Assets: The skyrocketing number of devices, together with the ever-growing sophistication of cyberattacks mean businesses need to work harder to stay one step ahead. We mitigate risks to our own IT by focusing on two areas: cyber-hygiene and improving resiliency so that we can better respond to emergency events. 


Our IT leaders have written an annual report about how they’ve designed VMware IT, along with lessons learned and practical advice. Read the full report, “Disrupting Our Own Shop—How VMware IT Creates Business Value,” for invaluable best practices from our IT experts. ▪


VMware Takeaways

VMware cut 75% off the time it took to deliver a fully provisioned Windows laptop in 2018—from 30 days to 7 days. 

VMware developers saw a 30% increase in productivity since adopting Workspace ONE.

VMware cut 50% in public cloud expenses by using CloudHealth analytics.