Across the globe, organisations today face more uncertainty than ever. The pandemic has touched every industry—from retail, manufacturing and financial services to government, education and healthcare. And within those industries, it has taxed people, systems, processes and supply chains.


Some organisationshave struggled to regain stability. But others are thriving in the face of adversity. They are reshaping strategies and reprioritizing investments to support their resolve to recover, rebuild and move forward.


The ability to respond quickly to a crisis, adapt to a new reality and accelerate innovation is what VMware calls being future ready. Your organisation
might be well along the path or just starting out on this three-phase journey of responding, adapting and accelerating.


Respond: Deliver business continuity

Unexpected crises can arise at any time. Responding quickly is critical—not only for enduring a short-term disruption but also for building a path toward long-term change.

During the respond phase, delivering business continuity for critical services, operations and personnel is top priority. Your focus turns to foundational challenges. For example, you might have a largely static workforce tethered to physical workspaces. Facilitating collaborative remote work is essential for keeping employees connected, engaged and productive.


To support that growing remote workforce, you might need to expand the capacity of your IT infrastructure or increase network performance. Capitalising on cloud resources and software-defined network technologies means you can accommodate more remote workers and continue to meet customer demand.


At the same time, you might have to create new ways to engage customers or improve the productivity of remote employees. That entails giving developers the tools and resources they need to continue delivering modern apps, even across distributed teams.


Adapt: Drive business resiliency

If disruptions linger, your organisation must be able to adapt to new economic and business conditions to build resilience. This phase calls for strategies to strengthen operations, increase viability and return to growth.

Adaptation might mean reevaluating your previous technology investments. Or it might demand new investments. Beyond surviving a short-term interruption, your organisation might need to invest in more-robust remote-work solutions—solutions that address the potential challenges of diminished productivity, decreased engagement and strained collaboration as employees adjust to remote work styles. In addition, you might have to reassess rigid organisational structures that introduce obstacles for remote work models, limit decision making and hinder leadership during a time of change.


On the infrastructure front, you may have tapped into cloud resources to weather the initial storm. But you now must deal with any complex and outdated systems that remain at the core of your operations. That means addressing system incompatibilities, infrastructure silos and the need for specialized skills and tools. It’s time to rethink outdated operational models and gain greater visibility into resources and costs.


It’s also a good time to eliminate slow and ineffective processes for delivering new services. For example, you might need to fix any disconnects between developers and operations teams.


Accelerate: Embrace a digital first strategy

Once your organisation is equipped to respond to a crisis and adapt to new conditions, you’ll be ready to make the more radical changes that can drive your organisation forward. Your primary goal: build a digital-first model for IT and business, fueling business results without jeopardising future flexibility or resiliency. By adopting a digital-first model, you’ll be able to speed innovation, sustain competitive advantage and harden the business against future crises.

With remote work already established, you can now focus on providing the best possible digital experiences. You can transition from simple remote-work objectives to a remote-first policy. Giving employees the flexibility to work wherever, whenever can increase productivity and boost employee satisfaction. It also allows you to draw from a wider geographical pool of talent as you expand your team.


Meanwhile, continue to optimise your infrastructure, building on your multi-cloud strategy so you can access the latest innovations from a wide range of cloud providers. You should strive to reduce the complexity of multi-cloud management, enabling administrators to handle applications that have complex interdependencies without requiring your team to learn specialised skills.


The accelerate phase also presents an excellent opportunity to implement any additional solutions that help speed the delivery of modern apps. With the right platforms, your developers can create new, compelling value for your organisation and your customers.


Respond, Adapt and Accelerate with VMware

To help you navigate through immediate crises and prepare for future challenges, VMware has introduced VMware Future Ready Solutions. These sets of products, services, technical resources and expertise provide the foundations for the future of your workforce, your cloud infrastructure and your portfolio of applications.

Future Ready Workforce


The Future Ready Workforce Solution helps you respond to immediate workforce challenges, enabling remote work and providing access to the critical apps and data employees need to do their jobs. Best-in-class digital workspace technologies—such as VMware Workspace ONE and VMware Horizon—deliver safe, reliable access from any device, anywhere.


These solutions reduce the complexities of endpoint management. With automated enrollment across all platforms, you can conduct zero-touch, self-service onboarding for your newly remote workers. Built-in, context-aware security from VMware Carbon Black allows you to protect all accessed organisational assets, streamline administration and deliver a consistent user experience with any app on any device.


Going forward, the Future Ready Workforce Solution makes it easier for you to adapt to the new reality of a large remote workforce. You can automate and quickly scale delivery of digital workspaces and apps. And you can seamlessly extend some apps into the cloud while keeping others on premises for greater control.


The solution also includes components that help deliver the high-performance, secure infrastructure that digital workspaces demand. You can increase performance and extend uncompromised connectivity for critical business apps on remote connections with VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud. To mitigate security risks for a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment, VMware NSX offers micro-segmentation capabilities, which block lateral movement between virtual desktops based on user identity and context.


The Future Ready Workforce Solution can also be part of a long-term remote-first strategic initiative that enhances employee choice and flexibility while optimising the remote-work experience. You can move beyond your employees’ first day on the job to more fully drive employee engagement and productivity.


Future Ready Cloud


The Future Ready Cloud Solution makes it possible for you to unlock the power of the cloud to swiftly respond to new infrastructure demands. By leveraging VMware Cloud on AWS or using VMware Cloud Foundation through one of VMware’s many cloud partners, you can tap into a proven, trusted platform for business continuity and disaster recovery while taking advantage of cloud scale and economics. If you are already using VMware technology, you can scale rapidly within your data center and expand easily into the cloud.


To streamline management, VMware cloud solutions enable automation across your hybrid cloud environment. Automation can lead to improved IT efficiency across your data center, the cloud and the edge.


As you adapt to new conditions, the Future Ready Cloud Solution lets you establish consistent operations across clouds and leverage a consistent architectural model that extends from your data center to public clouds and edge environments. You can reduce the complexity and costs of multi-cloud management. And you can gain the flexibility to deliver apps across any cloud.


When it’s time to accelerate your business, the Future Ready Cloud Solution helps you implement a customized multi-cloud strategy. You can tap into a full array of innovative services by incorporating cloud services from AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, Oracle, Alibaba Cloud and 169 additional providers.


CloudHealth by VMware gives you clear visibility into all of your infrastructure costs—including on-premises and cloud environments—so you can develop data-driven cost-optimisation strategies. You can improve resource alignment and expose areas that are ripe for cost reduction.


Future Ready Apps


During a crisis, demand for modern apps can grow quickly. The Future Ready Apps Solution streamlines the delivery of modern apps during a crisis and beyond. The solution packages modern development platforms and technologies with expert guidance on improving collaboration between developers and operations teams.


A key part of the Future Ready Apps Solution, the VMware Tanzu portfolio helps speed the creation of new apps and services that support a return to growth. By implementing a single development and delivery platform with VMware Tanzu, you can run apps on any cloud, seamlessly migrate apps from one cloud to the next, modernise existing apps, and facilitate the adoption of container and cloud-native app principles.


The Future Ready Apps Solution also enables you to accelerate longer-term innovation. You can rapidly deliver new apps that redefine customer engagement, establish new revenue models and support evolving digital experiences for employees.


Moreover, the solution can help unify application developers and operations teams around the shared goal of fast release cycles. A consistent platform for development and operations facilitates collaboration.


Moving toward your digital future

VMware is actively engaged with thousands of organisations globally to help address their unique challenges and develop strategies for recovery and growth. We are helping them equip and empower remote workforces and rapidly deliver new services to assist frontline workers. At the same time, we’re also helping them develop long-term strategies for increasing resiliency, agility and innovation.

Our Future Ready Solutions offer a clear and pragmatic model for addressing immediate challenges and advancing your digital future. You can do more than just survive in a time of crisis—you can establish a more resilient, agile organisation that’s prepared to accelerate growth and innovation. ▪

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