As part of your company’s digital transformation, you’ve probably implemented multi-cloud strategies: Creating hybrid environments by integrating traditional on-premises infrastructure with private clouds. Extending those private clouds into public cloud environments. And choosing multiple public clouds to meet an evolving array of business and app requirements. 


How can you make the most of these multiple clouds? It comes down to simplified management: a single, centralised set of tools and processes to run, connect and protect apps across all environments—even if those environments use a variety of cloud or container technologies. And to enhance the flexibility and agility of your cloud environments, you should be able to shift apps to the right cloud without penalty. 


Building on a deep heritage in virtualisation, VMware enables consistent operations and consistent infrastructure across multiple clouds. You can choose whichever cloud environments best suit your business and app needs. 


VMware provides consistent operations and consistent infrastructure to support your multi-cloud strategy.
VMware provides consistent operations and consistent infrastructure to support your multi-cloud strategy.


Optimise performance with consistent operations

When operating in a multi-cloud environment, your IT teams must manage costs, resource utilisation, compliance and ongoing operations across all of those clouds. VMware multi-cloud management solutions provide streamlined visibility, reporting and management capabilities for all of your diverse environments. For example, with the VMware Cloud Management Platform, you gain a single, centralised view into hybrid, private and public clouds—whether those environments employ cloud technology from VMware or from other vendors. And CloudHealth by VMware gives you visibility into multi-cloud environments for quick insights on cost, usage, security and governance.


Run and manage apps on consistent infrastructure

With a consistent infrastructure based on a standardised, validated architecture, you have the flexibility to move workloads to wherever they need to go. And you gain the elastic capacity to scale up to support new users instantly, on demand. 


VMware can provide that consistent infrastructure across cloud environments. You might know us for virtualising servers, storage and networks—and integrating that infrastructure with a management layer to create efficient, automated private clouds. Now, we provide more options for accessing a consistent infrastructure: 


  • On-premises – Run apps on-premises in a fully integrated VMware Cloud Foundation stack that is built into your own environment and managed by your existing teams.


  • As a service – Access your infrastructure as a service, letting VMware manage it for you through VMware Cloud on AWS.


  • Public cloud – Leverage your infrastructure in another public cloud, such as Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud or others. You can migrate existing apps without rewriting them or connect apps to new cloud services to extend their value.


  • Managed services – Tap into the managed services of a global VMware Cloud Provider.


  • Edge – Run your infrastructure in an edge environment, extending the same consistent infrastructure you have everywhere else to remote and branch offices.


Implementing both consistent operations and consistent infrastructure lets you provide developer-friendly environments in any cloud. Your developers gain the agility to deliver apps quickly, and your operations team can maintain reliability and enhance efficiency. ▪