Your employees want to be productive, whether they’re working from home, the office or anywhere else. How can you empower them? You need ways to deliver continuous, highly secure access to apps across a variety of endpoints—including your employees’ preferred devices. 


Providing seamless access to apps—from any device—benefits your employees and your organisation. Giving employees the flexible work arrangements and the freedom of choice they crave can boost productivity, engagement and talent retention.  


At the same time, supporting any device helps ensure business continuity. You can keep your workforce connected and productive even as a growing number of employees work remotely. 


Still, you need to maintain tight security and streamline management. Safeguarding apps and data is critical, especially as your employees increasingly work beyond the firewall. And while supporting employee choice is beneficial, it only makes sense to do so if you can avoid adding administrative complexity.


Supporting any device requires you to meet both end-user expectations and IT requirements.
Supporting any device requires you to meet both end-user expectations and IT requirements.


Empowering remote employees with a simple, highly secure digital workspace

VMware developed the VMware Workspace ONE digital workspace platform to address employee expectations and IT requirements. Designed to provide a “consumer-simple, enterprise-secure” digital workspace, Workspace ONE supports remote employees. It enables productivity from Day 1 by providing an easy way to access the applications and information employees need on their preferred devices. Meanwhile, IT can safeguard data and networks while streamlining management.


Workspace ONE takes advantage of VMware multi-cloud infrastructure to enhance employee choice and flexibility. Employees can access a full range of new and legacy apps—including physical and virtual apps, apps running on-premises and in the cloud, and apps available inside and outside the firewall.


This digital workspace solution also reduces the complexities of endpoint management. Workspace ONE unifies management of all your end-user environments—including mobile phones, laptops, physical desktops, virtual desktops and related applications. And you can capitalise on that unified management as a cloud service or as an on-premises solution. By managing everything through a single solution, your administrators can concentrate on defining and delivering a strong workspace experience rather than building images and chasing down patch reports.


Employee flexibility is backed by robust security. Workspace ONE integrates access control, application management and multi-platform endpoint management in a single platform. A zero-trust access control model helps ensure that employees can safely access critical apps, whether those apps reside in the cloud or in the data centre.  VMware Carbon Black Cloud adds predictive and automated endpoint security, providing more tools to support an increasingly remote workforce.


The VMware digital workspace platform provides the consumer-like experiences employees expect, giving them the flexibility to do their very best work. Behind the scenes, it lets IT support employee choice and flexibility without jeopardising security or adding administrative burdens. ▪