Building a Foundation for Digital Business

As the pace of technology innovation accelerates, what does it take to become a successful digital business?


For your IT organization, that means figuring out how to harness emerging technologies to support the business as it tries to:

  • Create new value for customers (new products and new services) and for the enterprise (new revenue streams).
  • Transform engagement by giving customers and employees the modern experiences they want, including easy access to apps and data on the devices they prefer.


The payoffs are great: increased cost-savings, improved operational efficiencies, streamlined processes, heightened productivity, better experiences, and more. But new digital business models come with new risk. And so, the business looks to technology to help protect brand reputation and maintain customer trust.


Supporting the Business with a Digital Foundation

How can you enable the business to achieve its desired outcomes, while managing risk and maintaining stable, efficient operations?

That’s where VMware can help. Using our interoperable cloud, mobility, and security solutions, you can build the digital foundation you need to accelerate digital business without disrupting it. This flexible, secure foundation allows you to quickly respond to new opportunities—and threats. Deliver any app, to any device, on any cloud. Experiment with new apps, new experiences, and new business models.

An Architecture for a Digital Foundation Built on VMware
A digital foundation built on our architecture enables you to deliver any app on any device with any cloud.


With a digital foundation, you can:


Unlock Value from Technology, Now and in the Future

To support a move to a cloud operating model, you can use the virtualization that already exists within your data center. Our data center modernization solutions help extend the power and efficiency of compute virtualization to storage and networking. And you can leverage hardware that’s managed with existing tools and skillsets to build a software-defined private cloud.

Unified management provides operational consistency from on-premises environments to public cloud. That means you can quickly and safely integrate public clouds into your environment—helping the business extend to hybrid cloud as needed.


With virtualized compute, storage, and networking, you can take advantage of automation and the increased efficiency and better performance it offers. Automating IT processes also speeds the development and delivery of apps for faster time to market.


Furthermore, a modern infrastructure built using a software-defined approach is ready to support any app on any platform, from traditional to SaaS to cloud-native. This includes next-generation apps that leverage container technologies and microservices-based architectures.


Increase the Cyber Resiliency of Your Business

In a hyper-connected world, apps and data are distributed across every part of your enterprise and its ecosystems, rapidly shifting from the data center out to the edge. This requires a new approach to building and securing networks.

The network of the future is software-defined. With our Virtual Cloud Network, you can implement an end-to-end, software-defined architecture that lets you connect everything in a distributed environment.


The Virtual Cloud Network provides a consistent networking and security framework for working across multiple clouds. Networking and security policies can follow the app, device, or service everywhere, remaining consistent from the data center to the cloud to the edge.


Security is built into the Virtual Cloud Network. It’s embedded into the virtualization layer that apps and data already live on, providing foundational security services that are as flexible as the apps and data they protect.


By shifting to a cloud-delivered, software-defined model, you can unify networking across the data center, cloud, WAN, and beyond. Extending unified networking to the branch and edge allows you to deliver software-defined infrastructure initiatives that easily scale across the organization.


Empower Employees to Choose How They Work Best

Nowadays, employees expect anytime, anywhere access to enterprise apps and data. Through a digital workspace, you can securely and reliably deliver what they need, on any device. That’s because our digital workspace solution is based on a software-defined architecture that streamlines management of user services and access policies across all types of apps, on-premises or in the cloud.

A digital workspace means one app, one place for your employees to go to get their work done. It’s frictionless access that doesn’t compromise security. At the center of the digital workspace is a secure access management solution that provides a self-service app catalog where users can get any IT-supported app or service.


You can also manage all apps and devices—regardless of ownership models—in a single platform. Our digital workspace solution unifies endpoint management. IT can remotely provision, control, and secure any device, from smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktops, across major operating systems.


Moreover, with a digital workspace, you can virtualize Windows apps or entire desktops and automatically provision them to the cloud or to on-premises infrastructure. Apps and data are kept secure in the cloud or data center.


What’s Your Priority Right Now?

Every digital transformation is unique. Whether you’re focused on modernizing your data center, integrating public clouds, empowering your workforce, or transforming security, a digital foundation is what’s needed to power your digital business. Explore how we can help, starting from wherever you are. Visit the VMware solutions page. ▪