Transform Your Employee Experience with VMware

Provide Self-Service and Remote Support

Provide Self-Service and Remote Support

Minimize downtime for employees by providing access to FAQs and a chatbot for discovery of corporate resources. Proactively remediate issues before they occur with digital employee experience management.

Personalize Corporate Communications

Personalize Corporate Communications

Keep employees up to date with personalized communications from IT, HR and more.

Unify Your App Catalog with Single Sign-On

Unify Your App Catalog with Single Sign-On

Eliminate time spent searching for apps and remembering passwords by providing a single launch experience for all apps.

Support BYO and Corporate Devices on a Single Platform

Support BYO and Corporate Devices on a Single Platform

Provide consistent experiences across mobile and desktop for access to corporate resources, no matter if employees are using personal or corporate devices.

Encourage Seamless Employee Productivity

Encourage Seamless Employee Productivity

Eliminate back-and-forth between multiple apps by providing personalized workflows for employees alongside other corporate resources that make it easy to be productive from any device.

Optimize New Employee Onboarding

Optimize New Employee Onboarding

Onboarding is a critical milestone in an employee’s journey. Provide an engagement platform that supports employees from the day they sign their offer letter, to their first day of employment, and beyond.

Integrate Critical Employee Services

Integrate Critical Employee Services

Engage employees by providing a single access point not only to applications, corporate communications and business tasks, but also to learning and continuous development content, surveys and more. Easily integrate with systems key to the employee experience journey.

Guard Employee Safety and Privacy

Guard Employee Safety and Privacy

For employees to feel safe in their working environment, privacy and physical safety are key. Protect employees who access corporate data on personal devices with a transparent view into exactly what types of data are and are not collected. When considering bringing employees back to the physical office, keep employee health as a top priority with integrated workplace solutions.

Leading Change: Build Trust with the Anywhere Workspace

Watch our global launch event as we build the future of work. Learn how we provide an integrated solution to help you successfully empower the anywhere organization. 

Benefits of Investing in Employee Experience

Increase Productivity

Learn how Dell Technologies has architected its organization to support employee productivity from anywhere.

Continue to Build a Remote First Culture

Supporting a distributed culture is a key requirement of a future–ready organization. Remote work experts share practical tips on how to create a culture that supports remote work.

Innovate and Deliver Great Customer Experiences

When organizations deliver best-in-class technology solutions to their workforce, employees become the best brand ambassadors. Hear how companies can provide the best experiences to customers by investing in employee experience management.

Bring Employees Back to Work Safely

When you have invested in a digital workspace platform that delivers critical services to employees, it is simple to communicate and execute a back-to-work plan. Technology can help provide the communications, surveys and applications needed for employees so that they feel safe and protected, no matter how and where they work.


VMware Products for Delivering Engaging Employee Experiences

Digital Workspace Application

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub is the digital workspace application for employees to access critical work services on any device type. IT can deliver a unified app catalog with SSO, “For You” corporate communications and 3rd party integrated tasks, corporate directory, branded support page, virtual assistant, access to learning and more in a unified way with Intelligent Hub to provide a personalized experience to employees during onboarding, day-to-day work, transitions, and offboarding.

Personal and Corporate Device Support

Supporting “bring your own” programs with security and privacy is an important aspect of distributed work cultures. Workspace ONE provides the most comprehensive set of BYOD options. Add Intelligent Hub on top to provide a rich employee experience for all employees.

Employee Experience Insights

Digital employee experience management powered by Workspace ONE Intelligence proactively remediates employee experience issues by supporting visibility into device health and app performance.

Remote Support for Distributed Workforce

Deliver quality IT support with Workspace ONE Assist, a comprehensive, fully integrated remote support solution. Maximize your end-user computing investments, while mitigating lost revenue, increasing productivity and improving employee satisfaction.

Market Leaders Choose VMware

La Poste

La Poste

“With VMware Workspace ONE, everything is now easier for postal workers, managers and the IT department.”

– Juliette Baudry, Work Environment Director, La Poste Group

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines

“Workspace ONE met our requirements of allowing us to give our front-line employees the information they can use to help our customers.”

– Rene Lopez, IT Managing Director, Delta Air Lines


Author Jacob Morgan defines employee experience as the combination of physical, technological and cultural experiences that an employee has throughout their lifecycle at an organization, starting with onboarding. Technology heavily influences both physical and cultural experiences, especially in today’s environment of distributed work.


With the acceleration of digital transformation, and the imperative of the business to support flexible work, all organizations are now being measured on employee experience and its related effect on productivity. Employee experience is critical to the success of a shift to an “anywhere organization.”


Successful employee experience projects that are delivered by IT have partnership with HR, line of  business decision makers and employee stakeholders.

Day 0 is defined as the time after an employee signs their offer letter but before their first day at work. This is a critical milestone in the employee’s journey, where organizations need to keep new hires engaged and excited about their work and the culture of the organization.


The end-user computing landscape in many organizations is a number of silos—different devices and operating systems, identity and access providers, applications stacks and more. All of this provides a disjointed employee experience. Organizations are challenged to cut across these silos and provide an integrated and seamless employee experience to their workforce.


Safe return to physical offices involves a number of different teams: HR/comms, Legal, Security, Facilities and IT need to work together to ensure employees are safe and protected when coming to work.

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Zero Trust Security

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Remote Work

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