Intelligently Protect Your Digital Workspace with Zero Trust Security

Secure your digital workspace of users, apps and endpoints with a cybersecurity zero-trust model that integrates access control, industry leading modern management and advanced analytics.

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Why Establish Zero Trust Security for a Digital Workspace?


Ensure Device Compliance

Let only devices that are compliant with corporate security policies access your enterprise network, and address changes quickly and efficiently.


Enable Access Management

Empower IT to validate the user credentials and control authentication with conditional access policies based on device compliance state, user authentication strength, data sensitivity, user location and more.


Leverage Micro-Segmentation

Minimize the attack surface with technologies such as per-app VPN. Use the micro-segmentation capabilities in the data center by automating security across your network.


Access Real-Time Analytics

Identify and mitigate security issues in real-time with integrated insights into threat data, device compliance, and risk analytics. Enable continuous verification with risk scores based on device context and user behavior.


Configure Data Loss Prevention Policies

Set up policies with modern management, including device-level data encryption, app deny lists and Wi-Fi security. Monitor for cyber threats and automatically remediate with capabilities including remote lock, device wipe and access control.


Secure with Encryption

Authenticate and encrypt traffic from apps on devices into the data center. Secure app data at-rest and in-transit with AES 256-bit encryption.

Benefits of Zero Trust Security in the Digital Workspace  


Intrinsic End-to-End Security

A zero-trust security framework, extending across users, apps and endpoints, establishes an interconnected, least-privilege system that empowers employees without sacrificing security.



Insights Driven by Machine Learning and Automation

Real-time and continuous monitoring provides visibility into the entire digital workspace, helping you proactively secure the known and unknown. Automated remediation is available through a powerful decision engine.



Cross-Platform Support

Agnostic support for all platforms extends zero-trust security to all devices and users to ensure maximum coverage for all use cases.



Flexible Platform with Robust Partner Solutions

Workspace ONE Trust Network lets you take advantage of your existing best-of-breed investment to streamline security further. Explore partner solutions in the VMware Solutions Exchange.


Workspace ONE Enables Your Journey to Zero Trust Security


Establish Device Hygiene

Consolidate management silos across mobile devices, desktops and operating systems. Drive consistent policies, reduce costs and improve security with real-time, over-the-air management across all use cases, including BYO.


Validate User Identity

Ensure that only the right users and compliant devices have access to your apps. Continuously track device state, user details and authentication context to determine risks and allow or deny access, require MFA or a remediation for access. Workspace ONE simplifies embracing zero-trust access control.


Leverage Analytics and Automation

Gain integrated insights into your entire digital workspace environment. Workspace ONE Intelligence aggregates and correlates device, app and user data to identify opportunities to reduce IT cost, improve security and optimize employee and consumer experience. Automate workflows to reduce the complexity and burden of manual tasks.

Market Leaders Choose VMware  

Preferred Mutual Insurance Company

Preferred Mutual Insurance Company

“Workspace ONE has been a life saver when it comes to managing our end points. It helps us address zero trust security by not having any data on the endpoint that the user’s accessing.”
-Ben Moore, Lead Systems Engineer, Preferred Mutual

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SoCura  GmbH

SoCura GmbH

“Users want to work with their own proven devices whose functions they know. This was an important impulse to adjust our strategic direction and to rely on VMware Workspace ONE.”
–Mike Melcher, Head of IT Service, SoCura GmbH

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What is Zero Trust Security?

Zero Trust is the term for an set of security paradigms that move defenses from statis, network-based perimeters to focus on users, assets and resources. Zero Trust assumes there is no implicit trust granted to assets or user accounts based solely on their physical or network locations but trust is instead continuously verified before granting access to enterprises data and resources.

How do you achieve zero trust digital workspace?

Staying true to Zero Trust requires a digital workspace to have tools and technologies in place to verify the compliance status of the device, authenticity of the users and state of network before granting access to any enterprise data. These tools and technologies also need to be flexible enough to extend this security to all types of applications (cloud, native, web, and mobile).

How do you implement zero trust model in digital workspace?

There is no fixed rule or methodology to implement Zero Trust in a digital workspace. It’s very important for enterprises to understand what they are trying to protect and what resources(devices, networks, users) they have in place before developing a plan to implement Zero Trust Security. ZeroTrust is a journey and not a destination but by prioritizing the most sensitive data and applications, results can be achieved sooner rather than later.

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