VMware Will Deliver SDDC Technologies on AWS

Currently in Technology Preview, VMware Cloud on AWS is a vSphere-based cloud service. The new service will bring our enterprise-class Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) software to the AWS cloud.

Customers will be able to run any application across vSphere-based private, public and hybrid cloud environments. It will be delivered, sold and supported by VMware as an on-demand, elastically scalable service and customers will be able to leverage the global footprint and breadth of services from AWS.

This service will be powered by VMware Cloud Foundation. The service will integrate the capabilities of our flagship compute, storage, and network virtualization products (vSphere, vSAN, and NSX), along with vCenter management, and optimize it to run on next-generation elastic, bare metal, AWS infrastructure.

This will enable customers to rapidly deploy secure, enterprise-grade AWS cloud-based resources that are operationally consistent with vSphere-based clouds. The result is a comprehensive turnkey service that works seamlessly with both on-premises private clouds and advanced AWS services.

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VMware Cloud on AWS

Unifying the capabilities of vSphere, vSAN, and NSX into a AWS cloud-based service, managed and operated by VMware 


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Why VMware Cloud on AWS

Radically Simple and Consistent Operations

With just a few clicks, you will be able to rapidly provision and scale AWS resources on-demand. These resources will be operationally consistent with vSphere-based clouds. You will be able to operate the service using the same vCenter UIs, APIs and CLIs you already know.

Cloud-Scale Flexibility

VMware Cloud on AWS will deliver workload portability across your clouds. The service will be powered by the same platform that powers your VMware technology-based, on-premises data centers. No complex and time-consuming application re-platforming is required. Furthermore, you will get cloud-scale resources with a global footprint from AWS.

Best-in-class Hybrid Cloud Capabilities

You will leverage market-leading VMware technologies across compute (vSphere), storage (vSAN) and networking (NSX) - optimized to run on next-generation, elastic, bare metal AWS infrastructure. Further, virtual machines running in this environment will have seamless local access to AWS services.

Operated and Supported by VMware

All software components of this service will be fully certified and supported by VMware. VMware will be responsible for the patches and upgrades of the infrastructure software components for you, so you can focus on your applications.

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VMware Cloud on AWS

What will the customer use-cases for VMware Cloud on AWS be?

The use cases will include the ability to maintain and expand workloads, consolidate and migrate workloads, and flex workloads across on-premises vSphere-based infrastructure and the AWS Cloud

Will this service be running on bare-metal?

VMware Cloud on AWS will run on a next-generation, elastic bare-metal AWS infrastructure that maintains all of the elasticity and security customers have come to expect from AWS. 

When will this service be available?

This service is expected to be available in the Summer-2017 time-frame.

How will this service be licensed?

Customers will be able to choose from on-demand (hourly) or subscription-based (1 year, 3 year) options to consume this service. Customers will also be able to leverage their existing investments in VMware licenses through VMware customer loyalty programs.

How will customers be able to purchase this service when it is available?

VMware Cloud on AWS will uniquely offer customers the ability to purchase these cloud services through their existing VMware commercial agreements.

How will the product be supported? Will I have to contact both VMware and AWS if I have a problem?

Customers will have one support number to call –  all infrastructure lifecycle management, support, billing and account management will be handled by VMware’s world-class support team.