ESXI delivers

What ESXi Delivers?

IT teams are under constant pressure to meet fluctuating market trends and heightened customer demands. At the same time, they must stretch IT resources to accommodate increasingly complex projects. Fortunately, ESXi formerly known as ESX helps balance the need for both better business outcomes and IT savings. VMware ESXi enables you to:


  • Consolidate hardware for higher capacity utilization.
  • Increase performance for a competitive edge.
  • Streamline IT administration through centralized management.
  • Reduce CapEx and OpEx.
  • Minimize hardware resources needed to run the hypervisor, meaning greater efficiency.


Your Go-To Guide for VMware Compatibility

Get all your vSphere hardware, ESXi hardware, and operating system compatibility questions answered.

Discover Performance Best Practices

Maximize the performance of VMware vSphere 6.5 with expert advice.

Test Your Limits

Discover the tested, recommended limits for selecting and configuring your virtual and physical equipment.


By consolidating multiple servers onto fewer physical devices, ESXi reduces space, power and IT administrative requirements while driving high-speed performance.

Small Footprint

With a footprint of just 150MB, ESXi lets you do more with less while minimizing security threats to your hypervisor.

Ecosystem Excellence

Get support for a broad ecosystem of hardware OEM vendors, technology service partners, apps, and guest operating systems.

Reliable Performance

Accommodate apps of any size. Configure virtual machines up to 128 virtual CPUs, 6 TB of RAM and 120 devices to satisfy all your application needs. Consult individual solution limits to ensure you do not exceed supported configurations for your environment. Learn more about configuration maximums.

User-Friendly Experience

Manage day-to-day administrative operations with built-in modern UI based on HTML5 standards. For customers who need to automate their operations, VMware offers both a vSphere Command Line Interface and developer-friendly REST-based APIs.

Enhanced Security

Protect sensitive virtual machine data with powerful encryption capabilities. Role-based access simplifies administration, and extensive logging and auditing ensure greater accountability and easier forensic analysis.

ACI Specialty Benefits: Handled 300% Annual Growth in Digital Benefits Coverage

Nobody knows exactly what’s going to happen when a company is growing at 300% a year, so we have to be ready for anything. With our software-defined data center powered by VMware, we can scale easily, sustain our growth in a controlled and compliant manner, and respond quickly to new business demands
- Ryan Fay, Global CIO, ACI Specialty Benefits


Customers can use ESXi (ESX) as part of a paid vSphere edition or with the free vSphere Hypervisor edition, which enables you to create and provision your virtual machines easily and within minutes.


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