VMware Hands-on Labs allow you explore VMware products and services; we make the world better for our users as we enable you to explore product features and solutions at your convenience and gain technical expertise in across the wide portfolio of VMware solutions.  We currently have over 90 labs available 24/7 on our free portal, check out our always-on labs and Odyssey game labs below.

VMware Hands-on Labs deliver a live, guided, licensed, and fully operational environment to our users for evaluation and exploration of VMware products and solutions.

VMworld 2021 Hands-on Labs were powered by
Google Cloud, IBM and Microsoft Azure

Odyssey is the gamification of the Hands-on Labs, players are presented with tasks that they must complete to demonstrate mastery of VMware products and rack up points to progress through the game.  Give it s a shot and see where you rank on our global leaderboards. 

VMworld 2021 Hands-on Labs were powered by
Google Cloud, IBM and Microsoft Azure