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Zoom CEO, Eric Yuan, unveils how his organization and VMware are working together to better protect the surging remote workforce. In addition, four cybersecurity thought leaders discuss how executing on a common IT and security strategy improves their organizations' security postures in the new world of COVID-19 and beyond.

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  • Hear how VMware and Zoom share a common goal of providing a great user experience without compromising security.
  • Discover how executing on a common IT and Security strategy results in fewer breaches - based on a global survey of over 1,400+ respondents conducted in partnership with Forrester.
  • Learn as security experts from Netflix DVD, Comcast and Circle K discuss changes due to COVID-19 and why partnering to protect and drive innovation is even more important.

Below you will find more information on the importance of collaboration between IT and Security through exclusive assets and specialized video clips.


Collaboration is Key: Security Should Be a Team Sport

Despite conflicts that persist between IT and Security, the #1 goal is collaboration. Tasks are moving to a shared model across IT and security teams, enabling security as a team sport.


Security As A Team Sport

Event Video Snippets

Executive Overview 

VMware Cybersecurity Insights: Security as a Team Sport
Hear how VMware, through Intrinsic Security, enables organizations to leverage their infrastructure to secure and maintain business continuity.

VMware | Zoom Intrinsic Security Announcement
Zoom can deliver a better experience and improved security by running on VMware infrastructure. Watch Zoom’s CEO, Eric Yuan, explain how his organization is able to intrinsically secure Zoom, the devices it is running on, and the network, through collaboration with VMware.

Security as a Dual Mission  

How Netflix Collaborates to Secure and Enable Innovation
Jimmy Sanders, Head of Information Security at Netflix DVD, describes how the company’s tenets of freedom and responsibility help increase accountability for security to drive innovation.

Protecting and Empowering Teams to Innovate Securely

Noopur Davis, EVP/Chief of Product at Comcast, explains how security controls built into the infrastructure, rather than being bolted-on, result in a more effective approach to security.

Security as a Team Sport  

Security Strategies That Produce Results
Suzanne Hall, Global CISO at Circle K, describes how the value of shared goals across IT and Security help drive business outcomes and greater security acumen beyond the Security team.

A Unified Security and IT Strategy Lays A Foundation for Success

Chris Sherman, Senior Analyst at Forrester, shares key insights from a global survey of over 1,400+ IT and security professionals about how IT and Security can play security as a team sport to reduce breaches and improve response times.

Cybersecurity Reports

Forrester Research  


Forrester Research: How a Unified IT and Security Strategy Lays a Foundation for Success

Although IT and Security teams shoulder the responsibility of many mission-critical tasks in organizations, they often are not aligned under a unified strategy. To assess how a common IT and security strategy can break down silos across the two teams, VMware commissioned Forrester Consulting to survey 1,400+ manager level and above IT/security professionals along with CIOs and CISOs.


Forrester Research: How a Unified IT and Security Strategy Lays a Foundation for Success

More Assets

IT and Security Perspectives: A Spotlight On C-level Vs. VP/Below

Find out how factors such as organization reporting structure, board visibility, and talent shortages can exacerbate the divide between management and end user and how you can strategically navigate through these obstacles.

Find Out How  

Security as a Team Sport: A Spotlight On The Growing Role Of IT in Security Tasks

Learn how organizations are faring in the roadmap to strategy consolidation and how the growing trend towards a shared responsibility model between IT and Security can benefit your business.

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VMware Carbon Black 2020 Cybersecurity Outlook Report

The trickle-down cyber economy, fueled by nation states and advanced persistent actors, has picked up speed and systems are being brokered out for nefarious purposes. Download the report for better clarity in the modern attacker vs. defender battle.

Download Report