This offering has been discontinued as of May 2018.

In May 2012, VMware acquired Wanova Inc. which provides turnkey end user computing software that dramatically simplifies the management of desktop images, while providing desktop continuity, especially for distributed and mobile PCs.

Wanova’s marquee product, Wanova Mirage provides centralized, single-image management through a unique layering technology that enables IT to manage, patch and ensure compliance of a single copy of Windows and a single copy of each application – instead of trying to manage thousands of diverse end points. Wanova Mirage also allows the image to run locally on a PC, allowing users to take advantage of native PC performance – including the ability to run multimedia applications and work while disconnected from the network.

The combination of VMware Horizon 6 and Wanova Mirage enabled VMware customers to leverage centralized image management of physical and virtual desktops to support departmental and user installed applications, centralized disaster recovery/repair and universal access to all manner of endpoints – physical, virtual, tethered desktops, or roaming laptops (Mac or PC).

Acquired Product Name
Acquired Product Name Wanova Mirage