The mission of the VMware Foundation is to provide a platform to amplify the contributions of VMware people to their causes of choice and inspire the Citizen Philanthropist in all of us. Together, we are a force for good that propels our collective impact in the global community.

VMware named #14 of the "2017 Best Workplaces for Giving Back" by Great Place to Work and Fortune

Thanks to VMware people's passion for service, living our shared EPIC2 value of Community, and being active stewards of what matters in their communities. It's because of VMware people that VMware received this incredible recognition.

Learn About Our Culture of Service

Service Learning Pi: Endless Possibilities of Service

Every Pi Day (March 14), VMware gets geeky about giving back. This year, the VMware Foundation invited people around the world to create their own "Service Learning Pi" and experience the healthy benefits of giving.

Discover Your Recipe for Giving

The Collective Impact of Giving Back Together

VMware people are passionate about contributing their time, talents, and resources to the causes closest to their hearts. In 2016, 16,948 VMware people worldwide (that’s 85% of employees) joined the VMware Foundation in giving back by supporting more than 7,400 non-profits in 100 countries.

VMware’s Growing Giving Network

Giving Networks contain a diverse group of VMware people who share a common passion for making a positive impact on the world.

Leadership Development Through Service

Good Gigs is a unique leadership development program for VMware people to learn and grow through immersive service.

What We Stand For 

At VMware, who we are fuels what we do.
Our Foundation exists to amplify our people’s personal passions for the causes closest to their hearts.
This means that we believe everyone has something to contribute.
We call this Citizen Philanthropy.

Citizen Philanthropy is about the power of choice.
The choice to contribute where and how you choose.
The choice to give more to each other.
The choice to learn and grow through service.

Citizen Philanthropy is about the power of collective impact.
The impact of combining our time, talent, and resources to create networks of giving.
The impact of knowing that our individual actions matter because
Big things have small beginnings.

We know that each of us has what it takes to make change happen.
To be the active stewards of what matters in our community.
We are all Citizen Philanthropists.
Serve. Learn. Inspire.


How We Give Back 

Service Learning

Strengthening communities with 40 paid hours each year for VMware employees to contribute their skills and talents.

Social Investments

Amplifying VMware employee Service Learning contributions with financial support to local nonprofits.

Giving Networks

Increasing our collective impact in the community through employee-led groups that are passionate about giving.

Milestone Awards

Celebrating VMware employee service with employee-led donations at Day 1, Year 12, and Year 16.

Matching Gifts

Matching VMware employees’ charitable donations from USD $31.41 to $3,141.59 annually.

The VMware Foundation is a corporate social responsibility group at VMware. Charitable donations may come from a donor-advised fund with Vanguard Charitable.