The provisioning and configuration management of IT applications and services is often a manual, slow, error-prone and inconsistent exercise. It can result in critical security and operational bottlenecks for the business and puts an organization at a competitive disadvantage. These challenges extend to networking and security, the last major pillar of the data center that has been lacking automation capabilities that truly remedy the shortcomings of legacy approaches.

VMware NSX is the network virtualization platform that enables the automation of networking and security services. NSX gives IT organizations speed and security through standardization and consistency.

How Automated Security Workflows Help You Stay Above Water

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Automation Solutions Overview

Learn how NSX can help Automate IT for agility, efficiency, and manageability.

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Use Cases for Automation

IT Automating IT

Automation allows for the quick, secure, and automatic deployment of applications and services when and where they are needed across organizational and geographic boundaries, delivering business value in minutes rather than days, weeks, or months.

Multi-tenant Infrastructure

Automation empowers organizations to provision and deliver networking and security services to multiple tenants on a shared infrastructure, enabling increased asset utilization and lower overall infrastructure costs.

Developer Cloud

Automation enables developers to use a unified API for on-demand networking and security services. This way, IT delivers more value to business -- without the constant need for hands-on involvement. And organizations can maintain parallel and secure development, test, and production environments on a common infrastructure.

Success Stories



Automating and Simplifying IT Operations

Exostar has significantly reduced the time it takes to provision and manage new networking and security services while operating a multi-tenant cloud environment, without sacrificing security.


“We have been able to improve the overall visibility into our infrastructure, streamline processes, and reduce expenses by moving to software-defined infrastructure for networking and security services. We could not have achieved these results with a traditional hardware-defined approach.”

— Raj Dasgupta, Director of IT at Exostar