VMware Smart Experience Streaming Analytics

VMware Smart Experience is a real-time streaming analytics solution that provides Communications Service Providers (CSPs) the ability to generate actionable insights from their network data to improve customer experience and create new revenue streams.

Real-time Streaming Analytics

VMware Smart Experience enriches high volumes of streaming data from mobile network elements and correlates it with subscriber details for comprehensive insights. Streaming analytics enable CSPs to present timely marketing offers, improve network QoS and prevent fraud.

What VMware Smart Experience Does

Real-time Customer Experience Analytics

VMware Smart Experience analyzes streaming data to provide CSPs with real-time customer experience metrics and analytics at a subscriber level for actionable insights.

Real-time Data Usage Correlation

VMware Smart Experience provides CSPs with automated smart notifications when subscribers’ data package limits are reached, allowing the product team to offer new plans in a relevant, tailored format.

Real-time Network Analytics

Improve customers’ experience by understanding call quality and data performance on a per cell site and per app basis. Measurements such as calls dropped, jitter, and data latency are available in real-time.

RAN and Mobile Core KPIs and KQIs

VMware Smart Experience provides the ability to track and report KPIs and KQIs across the Remote Access Network (RAN) and Mobile Core network through integration with probe and mediation servers.

Subscriber-level Analytics for Marketing

By understanding subscriber’s location and interest in real-time, marketing teams can offer personalized offers and promotions at the right time, in the right place.

Increase Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Through correlation of customer experience data with location, network quality, subscriber data and application usage, VMware Smart Experience provides insights to help service providers improve their NPS.

VMware Smart Experience

VMware Streaming Analytics Features

KPI Workflow Designer

Leveraging an interactive UI, service providers can create new analytics workflows, selecting pre-built key performance indicators (KPIs) from a drop-down menu or creating their own on the fly.

KPI Workflow Manager

KPIs, network stats and subscriber data can easily be stitched together to create and deploy an analytics workflow via a graphical user interface. Workflows are stored and can be shared.

Telco Specific Plugins

Pre-built functional components (anonymization, subscriber profile, cell tower, etc.) are available out-of-the-box to create new analytics workflows via drag and drop menus.

Extensible, Open Architecture

Flexible data bus provides common interfaces for downstream systems to easily consume data outputs and insights from VMware Smart Experience.

Normalized Data Framework

VMware Smart Experience’s normalized data framework allows operators to normalize, curate, and correlate varied data sources for ease of access and rich analytical insights.

Carrier Scale

VMware Smart Experience processes millions of continuously streaming events (from devices, mobile infrastructure, network and virtual probes) within seconds for actionable insights.

VMware Streaming Analytics Use Cases

Streaming Analytics Insights

Correlating real-time information from deep packet inspection (DPI) probes and virtual probes with subscriber-level information, VMware Smart Experience provides contextual analytic insights.

Understand Real-time Data QoS

Improve network operations & do network planning based on data quality metrics such as throughput and packet loss on a per application, per subscriber basis.

Location-Based Marketing

By understanding their customers’ interests, operators can offer targeted advertisements and promotions to an anonymized set of subscribers when they are in specific geographic areas.

Content Usage

VMware Smart Experience provides the correlation between content usage and customer groups and devices as well as information on the content provider performance.

Customer Call Experience

VMware Smart Experience can contextualize the voice, data, and messaging usage and performance with the content used and the customer ID to determine the subscriber QoE.

Fraud Detection

Leveraging real-time analysis of unusual traffic patterns, operators can detect fraud such as unauthorized SIM swaps and device swaps.


VMware Smart Experience

What is VMware Smart Experience?

A real-time streaming analytics solution that provides real-time network and subscriber analytics. It enables CSPs to improve their customer experience management, optimize their operations, detect fraudulent activities and create personalized marketing offers in a timely manner.

What is streaming analytics?

Streaming analytics allows the users to continuously query a stream of data and perform statistical analysis on this data stream as it is moving through the system. Conditions and patterns can be detected very quickly and multiple streams of data can be correlated for new insights. Streaming analytics provides time-sensitive processing and is suited for the rapid analysis of time series data streaming from devices, IoT sensors, transactions, applications, web sessions and more.

Why stream processing versus batch processing?

For use cases such as real-time network management or location-based marketing offers, data insights are needed sooner rather than later.  Batch processing requires that you pause the collection of data, process the data you have collected and then resume, aggregrating the multiple batches of data you have collected.  Stream processing allows for analysis as the data is flowing and can offer faster insights.

Why use VMware Smart Experience?

Simplified, repeatable user experience. VMware Smart Experience’s KPI Workflow Designer and Manager gives CSPs a simplified way to rapidly create new analytics use cases and workflows. Menu options make defining new KPIs easy and analytics streams can be designed and deployed via a drag and drop GUI. Workflow blueprints can be easily shared with others and can be customized to meet new business needs.

Is VMware Smart Experience a network probe?

No, it ingests information from deep packet inspection (DPI) probes and virtual network probes and enriches this information with real-time location data and customer data such as demographic information for insights that are actionable by the service provider.

What type of customer experience use cases are enabled?

CSPs use VMware Smart Experience to understand their subscribers’ experiences. By cross-correlating various metrics such as voice & data performance, time of day, services used, cell site association and applications used, CSPs can more readily determine the quality of experience (QoE) of their customers. Network errors and call quality can be compared to customer survey data such as NPS to better understand the correlation between these.

What type of marketing use cases are enabled?

Mobile operators use the real-time intelligence provided by VMware Smart Experience to run location-based mobile marketing campaigns, giving them ability to target advertisements to an anonymized set of subscribers when they enter specific geographic areas. Mobile operators also offer proactive roaming incentives based on subscribers’ real-time roaming statuses. Anonymized information on density and frequency of subscribers in a particular location can be offered to content providers and advertisers.

What type of operations use cases are enabled?

Using the analytics powered by VMware Smart Experience, mobile operators measure real-time data QoS to improve network operations & customer experience. They can correlate the quality of the LTE and VoLTE network (how many calls or messages are succeeding, failures, experience degradation) within a certain cell site with the specific models of phone, OS, time of day, etc. By understanding real-time cell site traffic usage (volume, density, errors) and attach success rates, mobile operators can better optimize their RAN and core networks.