Integrate Public Clouds

Modernized IT-as-a-service capabilities, research environments and supercomputing, virtual computer labs, and creative learning solutions, all are enabled through the integration of hybrid clouds.

Oxford University

Oxford shifts to offering some services as a hybrid cloud model, allowing them to expand and use the capacity of other clouds.

Solution Benefits

Transform the relationship IT has with end users

Future-proof IT with hybrid cloud infrastructure that supports business and education transformation.

Embrace change

Easily scale capacity and services up and down and drastically decrease deployment times.

Improve collaboration

Support online learning initiatives that increase enrollment and revenue.

Provide research as a service

Lower operational requirements for research computing environments while simplifying, securing, and improving access to associated computing power and data.

Support new technologies

Quickly Implement a disaster recovery solution to support critical systems


VMware vRealize Suite 

Automate IT management and drastically decrease response time

VMware Cloud Foundation 

Protect sensitive health, financial, student, and research data. Mitigate risks on sprawling campus networks where large numbers of unsecured devices access educational resources.

VMware Cloud Foundation + AWS 

Prepare your institution to leverage the advantages of the cloud alongside your existing datacenter.


Université Laval

Offers cloud-based infrastructure as a service with NSX and VMware Cloud Providers to its 60 institutional departments to help them better manage their infrastructures.

Center for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics

VMware’s High Performance Cloud computing platform accomplishes in a week what would have taken 3 years on a normal four-core PC.

Pierce College

Delivers reliable online classes with VMware vCloud Air.