Why Federal Governments Choose VMware 

Improve Performance

Transform IT infrastructure with software that boosts efficiency, reliability, performance and availability.

Lower TCO

Enable cost-efficient, simple and agile delivery and operation of IT services and apps, across hybrid and multi-clouds.

Accelerate Delivery and Responsiveness

Standardize and automate service delivery, while seamlessly integrating new technologies to add value.

Strengthen Cyber Defenses

Reduce agency IT footprints and strengthen security postures.

Use Cases

Improve Operational Outcomes with Modern Data Centers

Meet citizen expectations for digital services and reduce IT complexity by consolidating, rationalizing and standardizing IT infrastructure onto one digital foundation. Embrace cloud capabilities and alternative delivery models while optimizing spend and boosting agility and availability.


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Enable Greater Mission Agility and Continuity of Operations at Scale

Drive mission objectives by extending into public and hybrid cloud infrastructure that scales capacity and provides critical services on demand. Dynamically respond to shifts in demand and deliver uninterrupted service across online, mobile and edge environments.


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Transform Operations and Service Quality by Modernizing Apps

Serve citizen and workforce needs more effectively. Reduce dependency on legacy systems and incrementally modernize traditional or monolithic systems for the cloud. Take a modern approach to application architecture.


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Expand Access and Speed Delivery of Government Digital Services 

Accelerate delivery of new digital operating models and citizen services. Transform development and operations together. Improve the usability, availability and effectiveness of government services with modern application architecture, cloud-native principles and agile methodologies. 


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Deliver New Value Through Third-Party Technology Integrations

Enable ecosystem interoperability and integration capabilities across third-party ecosystems and platforms to deliver new digital capabilities and value.

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Grant Street Group Boosts Security

Discover how this organization, which builds cloud-based government solutions for tax collection, e-payments and auctions, is reducing IT overhead and protecting critical data with VMware solutions.


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More Federal Government Solutions 

Empower Citizens and Federal Employees

Deliver exceptional citizen experiences while providing secure, seamless access to the applications and data government workers need—from anywhere, across any device.

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Protect Government Data and Citizen Trust

Counter threats with a security approach that is embedded into every layer of the infrastructure, from cloud to apps and devices, strengthening data protection.

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