Acquired in March 2011


WaveMaker lets non-technical users build standard Java applications with visual drag-and-drop tools instead of writing code. While non-expert developers can develop the basic applications, expert developers can then take over in the Spring environment for fine tuning or advanced functionality without having to reprogram the application from scratch, boosting developer productivity and quality without compromising flexibility.

VMware's acquisition of WaveMaker expanded our cloud application platform strategy, allowing modern applications to share information with the underlying infrastructure for improved performance and utilization. In addition, we could tightly align WaveMaker and Spring development to ensure WaveMaker applications keep up to date with Spring best practices and innovations. We look forward to enabling the development of Java applications on every level, from traditional code-only development to the WaveMaker visual interface.

Acquired Product Name
Current VMware Product Name
Acquired Product Name WaveMaker
Current VMware Product Name vFabric WaveMaker
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