About the EMEA VBC

By inviting VMware customers and partners to the EMEA VBC, you will create opportunities and accelerate deal momentum, while building lasting customer and partner relationships.

The EMEA VBC is equipped with 4 briefing rooms: Neo, Trinity, Morpheus and Cypher, (named after characters from the famous Matrix movie featuring computers in a 'virtual' world). This is a welcoming environment where your customer/partner can participate in interactive and speaker led demos, have access to telephone and e-mail, experience our catering services and receive VMware branded customer gifts on request.

During their visit to the EMEA VBC your customers and partners can:

  • Receive a customer briefing crafted to address their specific business needs.
  • Experience interactive and presenter-led demos that demonstrate VMware solutions in action.
  • Talk with VMware technical experts.
  • Tour the innovative VMware Frimley campus.

Enjoy Your Stay

Our goal is to make your visit to the VMware Briefing Center easy and enjoyable. Read below for information to local hotels, transportation assistance, and dinner reservations at local restaurants.

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Neo Conference Room

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Demo Room


Theta Building
Lyon Way
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Tel: +44 1276 414300
Fax: +44 1276 685018
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