Operational Efficiency with Hybrid Cloud Operations

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What’s New with VMware Aria Operations (vRealize Operations)?

Read about the latest features for VMware Aria Operations (formerly vRealize Operations and vRealize Operations Cloud)

Self-Driving IT Operations Management in a Unified, ML-Powered Platform

VMware Aria Operations (formerly VMware vRealize® Operations™) automates and simplifies IT management with full-stack visibility from physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure—including Virtual Machines (VMs) and containers—to the applications they support. It delivers continuous performance optimization, efficient capacity and cost management, proactive planning, intelligent remediation and integrated compliance. It is available on premises and as-a-service.

Maximize ROI for Cloud Operations

Examine the potential return on investment (ROI), reduction in unplanned downtime and other benefits that enterprises may realize when deploying VMware Aria ( vRealize Operations) in today’s hybrid and multi cloud environments.

Accelerate the Journey to VMware Cloud on AWS

See how VMware Aria (vRealize Operations Cloud) simplifies management for your hybrid cloud from migration assessment and planning to operationalizing the hybrid cloud in production.

Unify Visibility Across Multiple Clouds

Delivered on-premises or as a service, VMware Aria Operations (vRealize Operations) meets the needs of modern IT strategies, including VM-based and containerized workloads, across private, hybrid, and multi-cloud deployments.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Bring data depth context to your hybrid cloud by adding VMware Aria Operations for Integration  (vRealize True Visibility Suite). Monitor heterogeneous environments and make intelligent management decisions.

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Compare Editions


Unified operations platform for VMware vSphere with basic management functionality.

  • Workload placement and balancing
  • Capacity management
  • Access to 35+ management packs
  • Per VM/Per CPU licensing


Operations management for VMware SDDC, VMware Cloud on AWS, AVS, GCVE and VCPP-based hybrid clouds.

  • All Standard edition features
  • Capacity and cost management
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Access to 70+ management packs
  • Per CPU/Per OSI (Operating System Instance) licensing


Fully self-driving operations management and application monitoring for VMware SDDC, VMware cloud on AWS, hybrid clouds, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, containers and application monitoring.

  • All Advanced edition features
  • Application monitoring
  • Native public cloud monitoring for AWS, Azure, and GCP
  • Access to 90+ management packs
  • Per CPU/Per OSI (Operating System Instance) licensing

On Premises

Per VM or OS Instance

For VMware Aria Operations Standard, Advanced and Enterprise and VMware Aria Operations for Logs


Per Processor with Unlimited VMs

For VMware Aria Operations Standard, Advanced and Enterprise and VMware Aria Operations for Logs

Portable Licensing Unit (PLU)



Pay per operating system instance (OSI), defined as any server (virtual or physical) with an IP address that generates logs, with unlimited log data per OSI

Questions? Contact a vRealize sales expert at (877) 524-2555 or e-mail us. Or use the Partner Locator to find a reseller near you.


Pay per CPU, with one flat fee for all log data sources from a single CPU, regardless of hypervisor or number of guest Oss

Questions? Contact a vRealize sales expert at (877) 524-2555 or e-mail us. Or use the Partner Locator to find a reseller near you.

VMware Aria Operations may also be purchased bundled in vCloud Suite or VMware Aria Suite as portable licensing units (PLU), which give you the flexibility to manage workloads across on-premises vSphere. 

Questions? Contact a vRealize sales expert at (877) 524-2555 or e-mail us. Or use the Partner Locator to find a reseller near you.


Questions? Contact Sales or your vRealize sales expert at (877) 524-2555 or e-mail us. Or use the Partner Locator to find a reseller near you.



Software as a Service

Contact Sales



1-2 Year Commitment


3-5 Year Commitment

List Price (Per OSI)  

OSI Definition:

· 1 OSI = 1 Virtual machine

· 1 OSI = On-prem / public cloud database instances

· 1 OSI = 1 Public cloud compute instance (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform)

· 1 OSI = 1 Kubernetes worker node

· 1 OSI = 1 Physical OS, such as AIX, HPUX, etc. (Aria Operations only)

· 1 OSI = 1 Any other object brought in via API (Aria Operations only)

· 1 OSI = 1 Management Pack (BYO). Standard and Advanced will consume 1 OSI and Enterprise will use 2 OSI (Aria Operations only)

· 12 OSI = 1 CPU of Aria Operations


On demand based on hourly consumption, with no minimum fee and additional discounts available for 1- to 5-year commitments paid in full upfront.

$13.95/month (overages charged at on-demand price)

$11.95/month (overages charged at on-demand price)


VMware Aria Operations may also be purchased bundled in vCloud Suite or VMware Aria Suite as portable licensing units, which give you the flexibility to manage workloads across on-premises vSphere and supported public clouds, with no license switching or conversion required.



Frequently Asked Questions

VMware Aria Operations is a unified, AI-powered self-driving IT operations management platform for private, hybrid and multi-cloud environments. VMware Aria Operations is offered as a cloud or on-premise offering.

To upgrade to the latest release of  VMware Aria Operations, visit the VMware Aria Operations Upgrade Center.

To set up and install VMware Aria Operations, deploy the VMware Aria Operations Manager virtual appliance once for each cluster node, then access the product to finish setting up the application. For detailed instructions, visit the documentation center.

VMware Aria Operations is available both on premises and as a service, and can be purchased standalone or bundled in a suite. There are four licensing models: PLUs (for vCloud Suite and VMware Aria Suite), per processor with unlimited VMs, per virtual machine or OSI instance, and SaaS. See Pricing for more.

VMware Aria Operations delivers continuous performance optimization, efficient capacity and cost management, intelligent remediation, and integrated compliance. For more details, please download the datasheet.

Self-driving operations is a strategy for automating and simplifying operations management that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to help your IT team be more proactive and agile. AI/ML-driven operations management provides comprehensive data and policy-based control, optimization, remediation, and compliance, leveraging advanced analytics with AI/ML intelligence.

You can configure, investigate, and resolve problems with enhanced search capabilities and the troubleshooting workbench in VMware Aria Operations Manager to meet your environment needs. For more information, see the documentation center. For community created custom dashboards, visit VMware {code}.

VMware Aria Operations is available as a service or on-prem, offering you a choice of deployment models to manage your VMware Cloud and multi-cloud environment. Deploying as a service gives you flexibility and ensures that you have all of the latest features and functionality. Currently, VMware Aria Operations deployed as a service offers all the features of VMware Aria Operations Enterprise edition. If you are looking to deploy on-prem and as a service, check out VMware Aria Universal Suite.

It is available globally in eight languages and hosted in seven regions. For the complete list, visit the VMware Global Infrastructure Services Map > “VMware Aria Operations”.

VMware Aria Operations supports VMware Cloud on AWS, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and vSphere-based on-premises private clouds.

Yes, VMware Aria Operations helps federate across several different environments to easily onboard and manage multiple data centers from a single point.

You can export your custom content, such as dashboards, super metrics and more, from your on-premises environment and import it into VMware Aria Operations. In addition, you can leverage the Subscription Upgrade Program for up to 25% off list price. See the FAQ for more. To utilize both on-premises and SaaS, see VMware Aria Universal Suite.

Organizations that would like to improve operational efficiency across hybrid cloud environments while reducing CapEx will benefit from VMware Aria Operations. Additionally, organizations that have deployed VMware vSphere or vSAN will benefit from unified visibility.

There are 150+ management packs, workflows, agents, custom dashboards, etc. available from VMware or third parties. VMware Aria Operations comes with native management packs for VMware SDDC and other Aria technologies such as NSX, vSAN, vRA, etc. For more, see vRealize True Visibility.

VMware Aria Operations uses TLS for encrypting data in transit and the AWS Key Management System for data at rest.

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