VMware vCloud® Air™, built on VMware vSphere®, quickly and seamlessly extends your data center into the cloud using the tools and processes you already have.

Your Own Dedicated and Redundant Cloud Environment

vCloud Air is available in three service offerings: Disaster Recovery, Dedicated Cloud and the Virtual Private Cloud.

New: Disaster Recovery Cloud

  • Self-service disaster recovery protection for virtual machines
  • Automated failover testing, planned migrations and recovery
  • Elastic cloud compute and storage capacity
  • Standby compute service of 10GHz/20GB vRAM
  • Minimum of 1TB storage
  • Minimum of 10 Mbps bandwidth

Dedicated Cloud

  • A true single-tenant private cloud
  • Physically isolated compute
  • A dedicated cloud management stack
  • Minimum compute service of 30GHz vCPU / 120GB vRAM
  • Minimum of 6TB storage
  • Minimum of 50 Mbps of bandwidth

Virtual Private Cloud

  • A multi-tenant virtual private cloud service
  • Logically isolated compute
  • Fully private networking
  • Minimum compute service of 5GHz reserved / 10GHz burst vCPU / 20GB vRAM
  • Minimum of 2TB storage
  • Minimum of 10 Mbps bandwidth

The Fastest Path to Cloud

Run Both Existing and New Applications in the Cloud

Unlike commodity cloud services, vCloud Air is built on the same platform you use internally. You can run your current applications just as they are—no rewrites are required. The vCloud REST-based API provides scripted access to cloud resources, such as vApp upload and download, catalog management, and other operations. vCloud Air supports Pivotal CF, the leading enterprise Platform as a Service (PaaS), for building and running next-generation applications.

Broad OS and Application Support

vCloud Air supports a wide variety of Linux and Windows-based Operating Systems plusa broad array of applications to meet every customer need. You can run more than 3,700 solutions from over 2,000 vendors, including the top ten healthcare apps, the top ten finance apps, and four of the top five retail apps.

Extend Beyond Your Current Data Center

Stretch Your Network Across Your Data Center and Hybrid Cloud

With Layer 2 switching, vCloud Air extends your corporate network without requiring new IP domains and added network management. Packets can be forwarded at wire speed with little or no impact on network performance or bandwidth. Apply your corporate controls via the same directory infrastructure used in your data center. You can easily migrate workloads back and forth, and administer your hybrid environment from a single management interface spanning your data center, vCloud Air, and even public cloud services from VMware partners.

Recovery - as - a Service

Organizations can protect onsite business critical workloads and ensure operational consistency with realizable cost and resource savings with vCloud Air Disaster Recovery. The service provides a failover environment for dependable recovery in the event of a disaster.

Security and Compliance

Security and identity management are integrated into the vCloud Air platform, with services that include VPN, NAT, DHCP, and firewalls. Role-based access provides authorized and accountable control over cloud resource consumption. Applications can be segmented by various trust levels to ensure compliance and security.

Driving Down Risk and Cost of Ownership

Automatic HA and Live Migration to Ensure Performance and Avoid Outages

vCloud Air has built-in capabilities that:

  • Eliminate application downtime due to planned server maintenance, by migrating running virtual machines between hosts and rebalancing storage array utilization without disruption
  • Auto-restart VMs in the event of hardware failure, for highest availability
  • Ensure optimal CPU placement, memory utilization, storage capacity and storage performance across cloud resources, driving truly elastic computing that spans clusters

Leverage existing tools and processes

Write, deploy, and manage applications on vCloud Air the same way you do today in your onsite data center:

  • Automate service delivery and create new services with vCloud Air resources in minutes, using vRealize Automation (vCAC)
  • Create application blueprints on vCloud Air with Application Director
  • Migrate your existing applications, workloads and templates to vCloud Air, using vCloud Connector
  • Administer vCloud Air resources from vSphere Client using the vCloud Air vSphere Client Plugin
  • Automate critical configuration and compliance management tasks on vCloud Air using vRealize Configuration Manager

VMware Global Support Services: One Number to Call

vCloud Air comes with robust "business-essential" enterprise support, delivered by the same global organization that services VMware private cloud and enterprise deployments. Every customer gets their own dedicated Customer Success Team.