End of Product Availability

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is VMware discontinuing development and sales of Lifecycle Manager?

As VMware continues to focus and invest in our customers' journey to cloud computing, we are focused on products that are consistent with this vision, such as VMware vCloud Director which offers a new way to provision infrastructure as an on-demand service. As a result, sales of Lifecycle Manager have been discontinued.

When is the end-of-availability date for Lifecycle Manager?

New sales of Lifecycle Manager will cease after 9/1/2010.

When is the end-of-support date for Lifecycle Manager?

Phone support and access to maintenance updates will cease after 3/1/2012. Until then, there are no changes to the delivery of support.

Will maintenance patches and minor releases continue to be released for Lifecycle Manager?

Yes, customers who are current on Support and Subscription (SnS) will continue to have access to ongoing maintenance patches until the end-of-support date.

Will professional services and education services continue to be offered for Lifecycle Manager?

No, all service offerings will be discontinued following the end-of-availability.

If I have a Support and Subscription (SnS) contract that terminates beyond the end-of-support date, am I entitled to a refund?

Yes, customers are entitled to a refund of any SnS that will remain unused past 3/1/2012.

How do I request a refund of unused Support and Subscription (SnS)?

The Primary License Administrator should file a Customer Service Request.

Will products continue to operate even after the end-of-support date is passed?

Yes, the products will continue to function. Customers will just not have access to support and updates.