Who We Are

Great design is at the center of every customer decision. The VMware UX Design Team crafts and delivers useful, accessible products and services that meaningfully solve customer problems, manifest "One VMware" in execution and user experience, and accelerate VMware's SaaS transformation.
VMware Design works across VMware businesses to define, evaluate, and optimize the user and customer experience of VMware’s products and services.

VMware UX capabilities bridge strategy and implementation, spanning UX Research, Product Design, Visual Design, Accessibility and UI Engineering. The VMware Design team consists of nearly 250 UXers who work across VMware’s core products and services from within a centralized team. 80% of the design team is aligned to products across our internal businesses, while 20% supports all product teams through platform offerings, process improvement and standardization initiatives- including accessibility, UX research, shared documentation, team engagements and SIGs, and our Clarity Design System.

What Makes VMWare Design

We design the products that supercharge growth on a global scale. Our expertise in enterprise design, combined with how we work and our team values are the ingredients of our success.
Industry Leadership

Our teams create new ways to move products and clients forward. And we share about that at conferences, on podcasts, and our blog.

How We Work

We collaborate across our teams and with departments all over VMware to design and build better products, faster. See how.


UX Research

Data-driven insights power our strategic and tactical choices. We make research both rigorous and enjoyable, fostering collaboration as we gather essential insights.


We're deeply committed to accessibility and inclusion, demonstrated by our Disability Equality Index scores and ongoing commitment WCAG standards.

Enterprise Design Impact

As we continue to transform in our journey and move our enterprise design forward, discover our evolution and the impact we've made over the years through a showcase of our accomplishments and awards.


Awarded Most Innovative Application of AI/Automation
Won multiple awards at the 2023 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards
Mandated Company-wide Accessibility Training
Partnered with Tufts University

User-Centered Excellence

Our work methodology encompasses a human-centric approach to tackle business challenges, resulting in outcomes that beautifully showcase the power of human-centered design.

Resources For Designers

Tools, content, and inspiration for designers within VMware and those in the greater design industry.
Clarity Design System

UX guidelines, HTML/CSS framework, and Angular components working together to craft exceptional experiences.

VMware OCTO Blog

The latest priorities, project breakthroughs, and plans for the future from the Office of the CTO.

VMware Enterprise Design Podcast

Hear from leaders at VMware about cross-team collaboration, how to scale user research, the value of Design Ops, and more.