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Our endeavors span a wide array of challenges across diverse use cases. These selected case studies reflect the unique journeys we embarked upon, highlighting our team's exceptional work and their profound impact.
Bringing the Value of Cloud to On-Premises Data Centers
Sumithra Gnanasekar

vSphere+ provides access to high-value cloud services for IT admins to easily build, run, manage, and secure traditional and next-gen applications and brings the cloud innovations to on-premises data center. This unique solution empowers the users to manage their infrastructure in one place.


Aria Operations Sustainability
Varun Gajjar

Allowing Organizations to measure and improve Carbon Footprint of their IT Infrastructure


Application-Aware Infrastructure Operations in VMware Aria Operations
Dobrian Dobrev

Streamlining the infrastructure and applications monitoring journey for application and cloud teams by redesigning a previously disjointed experience


Transforming Enterprise Employee Experience
Tushar Roy

To tackle employee challenges in reporting workplace issues, we crafted a user-centric experience that helps resolve issues rapidly, resulting in happy  employees!

Laying the Foundation for VMware's Design System
Patrick Daigle

Three major steps towards driving adoption and adherence to a unified VMware experience


VMware Cloud On-Premises
Rishabh Gandotra

VMware Cloud's on-premises solutions take away the pain of managing infrastructure lifecycle from the IT Admins. With an intuitive and easy-to-use UI, users can place infrastructure orders that are delivered to their locations, and fully managed from the cloud by VMware


Getting Started - Time to Value.
Prasenjit Boro

Guided integrated onboarding experience for Aria operations for logs users


Innovating Cloud Consumption
Sarah Huang

Cloud Flex Compute: a new, easy-to-get-started, flexible, and cost-effective service for IT admins beginning the transition to public cloud

vSAN Health Troubleshooting
Yihong Shi

Designing a focused vSAN health dashboard to enable Virtual Infrastructure (VI) Admins to troubleshoot and remediate vSAN health issues easier, saving time in their everyday tasks



vSAN Snapshot Manager
Penny Chiang

A cross-product solution that allows VI Admins to automate protection and recover from ransomware and disaster in contexts of their existing workflows

Usage Management
Grace Han

An experience designed to make Cloud consumption tracking quick, intuitive and actionable


Making the Mobile Network Intelligent and Programmable with VMware RIC
Aniket Patni

The RIC Management System (RMS) provides a revolutionary way to use apps to program and optimize a mobile network operators cell network


Automated Accessibility Testing Continuous Improvement Program
Sheri Byrne-Haber

Accessibility Innovation and Outreach

Network Detection & Response (NDR) Campaign Detail Visualization
Esther Jan

An interactive visualization that maps complex network attack chains to help security analysts triage malicious events

Workflow Hub - Designed to Simplify Network Management
Jyotsna Wase

Launched as a feature in VMware's Telco Cloud Automation, we designed Workflow Hub to provide Communication Service Providers a convenient, powerful, easy-to-use workflow interface to automate their end-to-end network operations; so they no longer have to spend time and effort managing their cloud -native networks manually


Disrupting Research with "Design with Us"
Bryanne Peterson

Transforming in-person events into hotspots of valuable customer engagement


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