User Feedback Program

We take data seriously, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun along the way! Engaging with our users is more than a data collection process; it's a celebration of collaboration. Explore current opportunities to engage with our Design team.


Session Types

Remote Opportunities

Every week, you have the opportunity to jump into surveys, usability tests, and interviews. We use this time to learn more about your role, goals, challenges, needs, and preferences. It is a chance for you to interact with new prototypes as you opt-in to research that most interests you in terms of process and topics. To learn more about these opportunities, join the User Feedback Program.

Conference Sessions

Our Design with Us Series is held exclusively at in-person events and offer attendees the opportunity to participate in immersive and interactive sessions where your unique perspectives, ideas, and priorities will drive future innovation. Check out the VMware Explore catalog for the Design with Us sessions

VMware Rewards Program

Elevate your engagement through the VMware Rewards Program. Uncover educational and gamified “challenges” that provide both learning and entertainment. As a champion, you’ll gain access to an exclusive community connecting you with fellow VMware customers. Enjoy VIP experiences like front-row seats at VMware Explore, direct feedback opportunities with VMware leadership, and exclusive swag. To embark on this journey, activate your VMware Rewards profile by signing in with VMware Customer Connect.

To Our Participants

User Research is about ensuring your voice is incorporated into the design process. After all, no one knows better what our users need and want more than you! So thank you for collaborating with us to transform Vmware applications. To date, we have:





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