Streamlining Design Internal Resources for VMware Workforce

We support the success of every member of our VMware Design team. These resources will help team members understand our design work and execute projects leveraging our vast knowledge base. Login required.

UX Research

Data-driven insights power our strategic and tactical choices. We make research both rigorous and enjoyable, fostering collaboration as we gather essential insights.


VMware’s products and services are the trusted cornerstones for empowering equal access and disability inclusion on any cloud, any app, and any device and for all users.

UX Process

Incorporating product, engineering, UX research, and accessibility, our unified UX process drives the creation of higher-quality, successful, and user-friendly products.

Advancing Excellence UX Strategic Initiatives Groups

SIGs empower VMware Design members to leverage their expertise and interests, collectively advancing our team, community, and overall UX maturity through strategic initiatives. Login required.

Accessibility Advocates

Advocate for and promote accessibility standards, training, and education for inclusive design within the UX team and across VMware.

Cross-BU Product Experience Alignment

To foster alignment, consistency and optimal usability of UX interfaces, design patterns, and interaction models across different product lines towards a One VMware product experience​.

Process - 8 Steps

To drive the rollout, adoption, improvement, and refinement of the new 8-Steps UX process for more consistent, efficient and effective user-centered design across all teams.

UX Case Studies and Showcases

To showcase and highlight successful team design projects through detailed case studies​.

Welcoming Committee & Onboarding

To ensure a welcoming and inclusive onboarding experience for new members joining the design community​.

Team Mentoring

To offer mentorship and guidance to support the growth and professional development of individuals in the UX design team​.


Team Shared Documentation

Create a collaborative, centralized, accurate, updated, and comprehensive platform for sharing knowledge, resources, and team documentation​.​

Clarity UX Community

Create a community of passionate UX practitioners focused on quality and consistency of design standards across VMware.


Design Thinking

To provide training on design thinking methods, facilitate workshops, and evangelize design thinking approaches.​​


Optimizing UX Research and Testing

To optimize and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of UX research and testing processes across teams and help democratize UX research methods, particularly with UX practitioners.


Social Media, Blogs & Podcasts

To create and share valuable UX content through official VMware and UX design blogs, podcasts, and social media platforms.


UX Events, Workshops & Conference

To plan and host larger-scale design-related events, borathons, workshops, and conferences for professional growth and networking.

UX Research at Events

To conduct UX research events and explore emerging design trends and technologies at events like VMware Explore and other conferences.​

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