Discover A New Approach to Workload Protection

Improve the security of your applications from within the hypervisor — and get 360 degree visibility into every workload — with VMware AppDefense. Rather than chasing after threats, reduce your attack surface by leveraging AppDefense to model intended application behavior, monitor for anomalous activity, and provide application control, reputation scoring, and security.

How Your VMware Infrastructure Can Turn the Tide in Cybersecurity

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How Your VMware Infrastructure Can Turn the Tide in Cybersecurity

Hear Tom Corn, VMware’s SVP/GM of Security Technologies and Strategy and Shawn Bass, VMware’s CTO of End User Computing reveal VMware’s security strategy and vision

Test Drive vSphere

Test Drive vSphere

Discover the world’s most secure leading hypervisor with AppDefense.

AppDefense for Intrinsic Workload Protection

Step Up to Intrinsic Workload Protection

Lowering attack exposure and preventing a data breach is increasingly critical in the enterprise. Organizations can now protect themselves with VMware AppDefense — the only workload protection product that is embedded within the hypervisor and distributed across your entire environment. This unique position provides unparalleled security isolation and application visibility to dramatically improve your security posture.

Deploy Powerful Workload Protection Easily

Get 360 Visibility into Every Workload

Ensure the integrity of the OS/hypervisor, from a unique vantage point within the hypervisor itself. Verify the reputation of every executable, understand all process-process communications on the network, and highlight any software vulnerabilities.

Achieve Operational Simplicity

Avoid installing and managing additional host agents. AppDefense is embedded within the hypervisor, providing a simple 1-click deployment model to every host — and the ability to manage directly from the familiar vSphere client.

Isolate Controls from the Attack Surface

"Root can’t defend against root” — an adversary on a compromised workload can easily disable traditional endpoint protection agents. In contrast, AppDefense, a module inside the vSphere hypervisor, operates as a “super-root”, isolating it from the attack surface.

How AppDefense Works

Inspect every process, every communication, every software

Inspect every process, every communication, every software

Build a model of “known-good” app behavior

Build a model of “known-good” app behavior

Learn from the collective knowledge of 1000s of customers

Learn from the collective knowledge of 1000s of customers

Enforce known good behavior for each workload

Enforce known good behavior for each workload

Spotlight on Application Security 

Deploy Hypervisor-Native Workload Protection with AppDefense

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Deploy Hypervisor-Native Workload Protection

Protect your apps and data with the only security approach that’s intrinsic to your virtualization infrastructure. 

VMware AppDefense Breaks Down Silos in Latest Release

Discover how we're fulfilling our mission to help secure our customers’ data centers.

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VMware Completes Acquisition of Carbon Black

Learn more about this milestone for the security industry.

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Are You Attending RSAC 2020?

Are You Attending RSAC 2020?

Book an exclusive conversation with security executives to discuss intrinsic security for your network and workloads.

Verodin Finds AppDefense Shrinks the Attack Surface

Review Verodin’s demonstration of AppDefense protections and effectiveness.

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What Are the Key Use Cases for AppDefense?

Accelerate Security Operations

Streamline security reviews by enabling infrastructure and security teams to collaborate from a single pane of glass. Visualize topology maps for every application and VM in your environment, and drill-down to see detailed workload context — roles, meta-data, process, and network activity.

Assure Every Workload

Enable application control and allowlisting — and patch risky software sooner — by continuously scanning workloads to highlight vulnerabilities in the OS, hypervisor, or application software. Ensure OS integrity, and provide reputation scores for every process.

Protect Critical Workloads

Shield crown jewel applications running inside micro-segments - such as shared services, domain controllers, and critical assets - by modeling “known good” behavior and by providing fewer and more authoritative alerts for anomalous behavior.

Enhance Micro-Segmentation Effectiveness

Provide additional workload context to NSX to assist in the definition of micro-segments, and enable faster and more granular responses to risky workload behavior, by pushing into NSX policies for actions such as quarantining, activity logging, etc.

We’re Powering Our Customers’ Success 

Why AppDefense is the Next Big Thing

Interfaith Medical Center Secures Patient Data

Interfaith Medical Center enhanced security for vSphere infrastructure by moving to a zero-trust security model with NSX and AppDefense. 

Why AppDefense is the Next Big Thing

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Ceridian Seamlessly Connects to the Cloud

Ceridian leveraged a Virtual Cloud Network with AppDefense to meet current network and data security needs and provide for future growth.

Expand Your Virtual Cloud Capabilities

Deliver Protection Across Clouds

Secure east-west network traffic and protect workloads across multi-cloud environments with a purpose-built internal firewall.

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Virtualize with VMware vSphere

Explore the industry-leading server virtualization software helping you run, manage, connect, and secure your applications across clouds.

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Build on a Foundation of NSX

Connect and protect applications across your data centers and clouds with virtualized networking and security via VMware NSX.

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Transform Your Business

Learn about a new approach to building and operating a single Virtual Cloud network for all your apps and data, wherever they run.

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